Don’t You Lose That Trolley!

There is nothing worse than your shopping trolley full of groceries rolling all over the place while trying to put all your groceries in the car! Have you had this experience? I sure have!

There is no need to worry about your runaway trolley anymore! The Trolley Strap has come to the rescue! By attaching one side of the strap to your boot latch, and the other to your trolley, you will secure your goods, preventing it from going anywhere.

Didn’t have a trolley on me today, but showing you how to use your strap with the help of my pram!

Invented by a mum of two, she was continuously faced with the challenge of putting her two young children in the car while her trolley full of groceries rolled away. There had to be an easier way to avoid all these problems. Surprisingly, she found nothing on the market that could help stop her trolley from rolling away. Hence, this clever mum created The Trolley Strap. 

Taking up minimal room, you can keep it in your handbag or simply leave it in the boot ready for use when needed. I have always been at war with my trolley (especially on those extremely windy days), The Trolley Strap has come to the rescue. A simple idea that is extremely effective, you will love this product just as much as I do! 

A handy companion whilst loading your groceries into your car, the Trolley Strap will be your saviour like it has been mine. Click here to purcase your trolley strap and view their other amazing products. 


When you cannot find a coin for your trolley, the trolley unlocker will be another great companion on your shopping adventures. Attaching to your keys, the Trolley unlocker will be ready to use every time. Available in a variety of colours, you will sure to find one that you love!

Check out their wonderful range and support a local mum that has created amazing products, ensuring a stress free experience for us all!


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