Krimpd Hair: The Hair Styling Tool Making Waves!



I am officially obsessed, and no doubt you will be too! With the mermaid wave craze taking the world by storm, you can now create this amazing look with the 3 barrel krimpd stik by Krimpd Hair. 

Krimpd Hair’s mermaid hair waver has no doubt changed the way I style my hair with confidence and ease. 

Heating up in no time, the 3 barrel krimpd stik is the hottest product on the market in more ways than one. I am no hairdresser or hair guru, but thanks to the krimpd stik I have the ability to create beautiful waves in less than 15 minutes. 

As a busy mum with little time, hair has always been the last thing that I worry about. I usually have my hair up in a bun because it is easy and hassle-free. The krimpd stik has changed the way I style my hair and knowing that I can create a beautiful wave in a short amount of time has won me over. 

How To Use: Separating the hair in sections, krimp the hair starting from the root and working your way down. No need to loop your hair, just clamp sections of the hair which will give you the wave effect in no time.

I could not believe how great my hair looked after my first use – I was amazed by the result. No need to sugar coat this product, the kirmpd stik by Krimd Hair speaks for itself.

Priced at $79, the Krimpd Midnight Kit includes:

–  Heat Guard Glove

–  2x Section Clips

–  Teaser Comb

No doubt the hottest hair tool of 2020, click here to get yours today and start creating gorgeous and effortless waves.

Use code mummyplusone to get an extra 10% discount on an already amazing price!

It’s the hair styling tool making waves… pardon the pun!!


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