Skip Hop: Revolutionising Play & Interaction With The 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat

With an exceptional range of products in their collection, Skip Hop continues to raise the bar with quality, functionality and style. The Skip Hop – Silver Lining Cloud 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat is no exception and has been a wonderful addition in our home. 


Only in the last several months have I really been able to put the activity floor seat to use, and I have not looked back ever since. Initially, I used this product as a place to help Mason sit unassisted, but it quickly became my go-to product for feeding and playtime within the home and out.

Thanks to its well thought out design with a rotating tray and toys (Star Spinner, Moon Bead Mover & Sun Rattle), the Skip Hop – Silver Lining Cloud 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat has been created to be functional and have more than one use.

The moment I assembled the activity floor seat I could not fault its quality, stability and durability. Made from high-quality products, the activity floor seat is extremely stable ensuring that your baby is safe and comfortable at all times. 

I was just as impressed with the choice of fabric used in the 2-in-1 activity floor seat. Not only great to catch the tiny messes made whilst eating, but it is also an extremely beautiful fabric that feels soft and luxe.

Besides being an advocate for safe baby products, I do put emphasis on products that are easy to clean. There is nothing worse than having stains or material losing its quality after being washed several times. After every wash, the fabric of my activity seat has come out looking fresh and just as soft as it did when I first received the product.

A place where I put Mason to keep him safe and occupied when I am busy, or, a place I use to feed him while he plays with the rattles, the Skip Hop – Silver Lining Cloud 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat is apart of our life.


A great item for your child or an amazing gift for a loved one, you will not be disappointed in this versatile product. Purchase your Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat form one of Australia’s leading online baby stores, The Stork Nest. Along with the amazing Skip Hop activity seat, you won’t be disappointed in the great range of products from pregnancy, baby, toddler and kids that The Stork Nest has to offer. 


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