The Power of Oranges: The Products Making Your Home Sparkle & Smelling Fresh

As we are becoming more aware of what ingredients are contained in our products, Orange power has a range of wonderful cleaning products that are palm-oil free, cruelty-free and free from nasty chemicals.

Using orange oil from discarded orange peels from Mildura’s orange fields, Orange Power has created a range of laundry and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, endorsed by Plant Ark. 

After trying a range of their products, Orange Power works just as well as high chemical-based products, if not, better! Below I share with you some of their wonderful products and their wonderful results. 

Stain Remover

I have tried so many fabric stain removers and I have never been satisfied with the results. After spraying this product on a range of stained items including socks, table cloth, and a newborn jumpsuit, the stains started to lift straight away. Once I washed the items in the washing machine, Orange Power came out on top with brilliant results! My socks, table cloth and jumpsuit looked brand new!

Thanks to its natural formula, this product can be used on whites, woolens, delicates, and coloured material. With its beautiful natural fragrances, this is definitely the product you need in your laundry. I have never used a product that has been able to get out every stain. This is definitely one of my favourite products in the range.  

Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver 


Great for removing chewing gum, adhesives, blu tack, buildups and lipstick, the Sticky Spot & Goo Remover is a product that is great to have for any sticky situation. 

I tried this product on a few surfaces including my window shutters which had sticky marks from sticky little fingers and on my toothbrush holder that still had sticky residue from the label. Thanks to the natural oils in its formula, the Sticky Sport & Goo Dissolver cleaned the surfaces with ease.

I then decided to try this product on my carpet which had a piece of blu tack embedded in it. I placed some Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver on the area and left it to dissolve for one minute. After wiping the area with a wet rag, the carpet was clean instantly!

I was extremely impressed with the result making it another winner in the Orange Power range. 

The Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver can be used on most surfaces, but it is advised to take care of certain materials including silk, leather and painted surfaces. Always do a spot test before using this product on surfaces to ensure damage does not occur. 

Air Freshener: Lime & Orange Oil


One spray is all you need to get your area smelling fresh. This long-lasting spray is made from pure essential oils and 100% renewable resources from plant-derived products. Leaving a pleasant aroma in the air, this compact bottle can be kept in your bathroom, car or any cupboard. The air freshener is also available in the signature orange scent.

Spray & Mop Floor Cleaner


Great for those sticky areas, the Orange Power Floor Cleaner was another winner in my household. Leaving no streaks, its mild smell left my house smelling fresh and my floors looking clean!

No need to add water, just spray the floor cleaner directly on your floor surface and wipe away. Not only a great cleaning product, the Orange Power Spray & Mop Floor Cleaner does not contain any nasties including chlorine, ammonia, or bleach. This allows me to have a product that I can use safely around my children.

Dishwash Concentrate


Just as good as other dishwashing concentrates, cutting through grease and grime, you will be definitely be helping the environment by choosing this product.


Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner

I have used several products to clean my bathroom, however, there has not been a product like the Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner. Avoiding the use of bleach and petroleum-based solvents, this product’s properties of orange oil cuts through the grime and soap scum with ease.

I sprayed the Shower, Bath & Tile Cleaner directly on the tile grout and left it on to soak. After several minutes, I wiped the surface with my cloth, and the grime came off instantly.

As I have two young boys, I usually clean my bathroom when they are home, hence using a product that is safe around children is a must.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Just one wipe and my benches are clean! The Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a wonderful product for so many areas of the home, leaving it sparkling and smelling fresh. Besides using this product on my kitchen benchtops, I have used the Multi-Purpose Cleaner to wipe down my pantry, providing a beautiful smell in my cupboards.

This is definitely an all-rounder that can be used all around the home!


With so many wonderful properties that clean well and smell fresh, the Orange Power range should definitely be considered for your household. Supported by Planet Ark and avoiding the use of palm oil in all products, Orange Power is environmentally friendly that will keep your house sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Click here to find your closest stockist of Orange Power products. 


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