Rascal & Friends: No Nasties – Just A Whole Lot Of Love

One of the newest nappy brands on the market, Rascal and Friends has raised the bar as a premium nappy brand alongside well-known nappies on the Australian market.


Seen as a worthy competitor on the market, Rascal and Friends was created by a New Zealand mother looking for a nappy that did not have any nasty chemicals after her third child developed severe eczema. 

With so much love put into the design and properties of each nappy, Rascal and Friends are gentle and breathable, and their range has been dermatologically tested to ensure they are safe on baby’s bums. Compared to other nappies, Rascal and Friends have avoided the use of nasty chemicals, making them free from latex, chlorine, fragrance, and lotions. 

With new innovation and love put into these nappies, Rascal and Friends have been carefully constructed to be a premium product that consumers will be happy with.


The above image truly indicates the work and effort put into these great nappies. I never really thought about how much work was put into the creating nappies and now I give them more credit than I ever have.

Not only have they been created with a baby’s best interest at heart, but they have also created a cute unisex design with water-based inks, allowing them to look stylish on every baby bottom. Rascal and Friends nappies come in a range of sizes including:

  • Newborn 3 – 5kg (54 nappies)
  • Infant 4 – 8kg (48 nappies)
  • Crawler 6 – 11kg (44 nappies)
  • Toddler 10 – 15kg (36 nappies)
  • Walker – 13 – 18kg (32nappies)
  • Junior – 16+ kg (30 nappies)


Out of one packet of newborn nappies, only 3 nappies leaked. This has been far less than the number of nappies that have leaked from other companies. Thanks to the new 3D core which helps increase absorbency, this new innovation is what I and many other parents will be greatly appreciative of. 

Rascal and Friends have definitely put the best interests of babies at heart ensuring their nappies provide the best support, leakage free and great quality overall. Great for sensitive skin, this is definitely a product to try if you have a baby that is prone to rashes and eczema. 

Along with nappies, Rascal and Friends have created nappy pants and sensitive wipes made from 99% natural ingredients including aloe, chamomile, and pomegranate. 


Exclusive to Coles, click here to shop online, alternatively, visit your closest store to check out the Rascal and Friends range making your baby’s bum look stylish. No nasties, vegan and cruelty-free, Rascal and Friends have truly created affordable nappies that do not compromise quality.  

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