AllGanic: Doctors Revolutionising Baby Skin Care

There is no denying the vast range of great baby products available on the market. We all want to make sure we give our bubs the best start in life, but when we are saturated with options where do you start?

Australian owned and made, AllGanic is a premium skincare brand that provides a range of products that will give your baby the best start in life. With organic certified avocado oil one of the main ingredients used (providing a great range of vitamins and minerals), below are a few more reasons why you will love this product just like I do:

Created by parents with medical backgrounds

You cannot get any more trustworthy than this! Over the dinner table, a group of parents with medical backgrounds started a conversation, wanting to formulate a safe product for their children’s skin. Thanks to their passion and need for a trustworthy product for their babies, this idea became a reality. Thanks to this group of parents with their medical backgrounds, we can now all enjoy their products full of goodness which avoid the use of nasty chemicals, fragrances or colours .

Safety, Simplicity, Naturalness

With the importance of their own children in mind, AllGanic represents three main values: Safety, Simplicity, and Naturalness. As a mother, these wonderful values definitely resonate with me and I believe that these are key features that should definitely be considered when choosing the right baby skin care for your bub. With all the harsh chemicals that we are prone to in our everyday lives, it is vital we strip back to nature and use simple products that are effective, and produced with natural ingredients making them extremely safe.

AllGanic includes a variety of products that have had a range of testing to ensure great quality and safety. The products available in their range include:

HAIR & BODY WASH (available in 100ml & 300ml):


Less is more when it comes to the AllGanic Hair & Body wash. With only a little needed for optimum results, this is an all in one baby wash that you can use from head to toe. Its natural ingredients will make you feel confident using this product directly on their skin. 

MOISTURISER (available in 100ml & 300ml):


Providing long lasting protection and hydration, the AllGanic
moisturiser is free from fragrance, parabens, and silicon. This is a great product for soothing itchy skin, eczema and skin irritation, allowing it to be suitable for the whole family. 

BABY BALM (available in 45g):


Made from 100% unprocessed organic beeswax, the AllGanic Baby Balm is ideal not just for babies’ bottoms but for lips, nipples and stretched skin especially during pregnancy. This hypoallergenic product is a great skin barrier to help with many skin issues which also helps keep your skin hydrated and well protected. Just like the Hair and Body wash, less is definitely more, allowing this product in a little container to be long-lasting. 


The Sun Cushion definitely sparked my interest. Leading the way for sun protection, it is definitely one of a kind, steering away from traditional sunscreens. Compared to chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays, the Sun Cushion creates layers which reflect them. Compared to other sunscreens, this chemical-free product will less likely cause skin irritation. Applied with a cushion, it is easy to apply and won’t annoy your baby or child when doing so. This is definitely a product to consider.

With all their products made in Australia, AllGanic is a great choice thanks to its key features and values they hold within their company and products. AllGanic is definitely a premium skincare brand providing an important start to your newborn’s journey through life which can also be used for the whole family. Click here to find your closest stockist or visit the Allganic website to purchase online. 


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