Sorrel’e & Co: Personalising Bespoke & Unique Jewellery

Two women who loved being creative, put their passion and talent into practice creating one of the newest jewellery brands on the market – Sorrel’e & Co.

Offering bespoke handmade pieces, Sorrel’e & Co are local Melbourne designers making waves in the jewellery industry. With a range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, and charms, the duo are creating handmade pieces that are individually stamped, making every piece unique and special.

Personalising their pieces have definitely made them stand out from the crowd and are allowing consumers to make their item unique.


With their pieces available in silver, gold and rose gold, there are many diverse styles, perfect for any age. From personalised mini disk necklaces to statement bars that allow you to write full names, there are so many options.


I am lucky enough to have their mini disk necklace which incorporates my initial and the initials of my loved ones, ‘I’ for Isaac and ‘T’ for ‘Tom’. Lightweight and stylish, it is a simple piece that means so much to me.  

My beautiful necklace packaged in a gorgeous pouch

Their stunning pieces are also great for gifts, and with Mother’s Day near, you cannot go wrong with buying one for your mum or hinting to someone to buy one for you! With worldwide postage available, purchases can be made on the Sorrel’e & Co Instagram (@sorreleandco) and Facebook page.

With plans to grow their brand, Sorrel’e & Co will be expanding with a website coming soon, and, aim to open up a jewellery store in the future. 

With those that follow me and have read my previous posts, you will know that I love supporting local businesses. Check out the wonderful range as I feel there will be something that you will love for yourself or for special someone.

There is nothing more than meets the eye than these gorgeous evil eyes. Totally in love!

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