Baby U: Giving Parents Value For Money Without Compromising Their Products

There is nothing I love more than supporting Australia brands that provide great products for our community. I can proudly say that BabyU is definitely one of those brands that are not only Australian made and owned but also provide products that are value for money. 

Giving our children the best possible start in life is something many parents strive to do, and, choosing products that can help promote this is important. Staying away from harmful chemicals is a must, as a child’s skin should not be exposed to ingredients that are harmful now or in the long term. 

What makes BabyU products so special is that many of their products contain goats milk sourced from country Victoria. Used as one of the main ingredients, its properties and pH level is very close to our skin, containing natural sources of amino acids and vitamins. Goat’s milk has also been proven to help with dry skin and eczema which is a great benefit especially for babies. 

With a range of products in the range inclduing wipes, change mats, nappy bags, and toilet training products, Mummy Plus One tries three of their best, BabyU Goat Milk Body Wash, BabyU Goat Milk Shampoo and BabyU Goat Milk Moisturiser.

BabyU Goat Milk Body Wash 250mL


The mixture of goat’s milk nourished with oatmeal extract gently cleanses delicate skin. With this combination, BabyU Goat Milk Body Wash is just what you need to cleanse your child’s skin. Without all the nasty chemicals other baby skin care products contain, BabyU has created a formula that is not only safe but also leaves your baby’s skin feeling refreshed and smelling beautiful thanks to its delicate fragrance. It was a great product to use on my preschooler, making it a great body wash choice that is perfect for babies and children of all ages.

BabyU Goat Milk Shampoo 250mL


This was a product that was of great interest to me. My son hates to get his hair washed, and the thought of getting soap in his eyes is a nightmare as he always complains that they sting! Since starting to use BabyU Goat Milk Shampoo I have not had this problem. Whether it is due to me being more cautious or due to the fact that the shampoo does not have any parabens, artificial colours, detergents, sodium laurel sulfate nor sodium laureate folate it gets a big tick of approval from me. 

Along with avoiding these harmful chemicals, the shampoo is enriched with natural ingredients that strengthen and shine. Full of quality and goodness along with a gentle fragrance, this is definitely a product that I will continue to purchase.

BabyU Goat Milk Moisturiser 250mL


I do not moisturise my son’s skin often, but after using the BabyU Goat Milk Moisturiser I cannot go back! This is a great way to relax your bub after a bath or shower, hence a perfect product to use before bedtime. Enriched with She Butter, Macadamia Oil, Cocoa Butter, Chamomile & Grapefruit Oil along with the hero ingredient Goat Milk, this moisturiser will soothe, soften and nourish their skin after bath time. Your child will no doubt have beautiful skin after using it and they will also love the relaxation that moisturising provides. 

With all these products available to purchase under $10.00, there is no denying that they are value for money, allowing parents to choose wonderful products for their children at a reasonable price. These three products, along with the rest of the BabyU range can be purchased from selected baby stores, pharmacies and BIG W. It is definitely a range worth checking out as there are many great benefits of using BabyU products.


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