Power House Sisters Maha and Sally: Sharing Their Success and Love of Health and Well-being

Two sisters have come together to create a brand that is not only inspirational, but a platform where they have brought their love of health, beauty, and fashion all in one. 

Many may know Sally Obermeder as an Australian media personality and television presenter, however, she has taken her life into another direction after her fight against cancer.

With health and wellness in mind, Sally and her sister Maha have taken the industry by storm creating a feel-good place for women to come together, covering everything from fashion, beauty, family, and health. SWIISH is a one-stop shop to purchase a stylish new outfit or luxe homewares, and they have continued to grow their brand in an exciting way.

The powerhouse sisters have created a range of superfood powders filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, nutrients, and probiotics perfect for the whole family. Along with their range of recipe books filled with wholesome recipe ideas, promoting healthy living and eating is definitely strong within their brand.


There is simply nothing these girls can’t do and I was lucky enough to interview them on their brand, family and work life.   

  • Why did you start SWIISH?

Sally: It was me who came up with the idea of kick-starting swiish.com whilst recovering from cancer. I’ve always been a lover of luxe for less and just thought, if not now, when?

Maha: Sally called me from her hospital bed after she was recovering from her surgeries, and was like, ‘look, I know you have always wanted to do something else, and we’ve always wanted to work together, and so I got to thinking, why don’t we start a blog?’

Maha: At the time I was like, ‘are you still high on some kind of medication? Aren’t you meant to be recovering? Haven’t you just gone through all this radiation and chemo and surgeries? Shouldn’t you just be focusing on your recovery?’ And she was like, ‘yeah I should, and I am,’ but at the same time for her she’d been sitting there thinking about if I make it through, then what is it that I want to be doing with my life and my time?

Sally: We think in some ways there’s nothing like a crisis of that nature to suddenly make you reassess everything that you have been doing and what it is that you want to do!

  • Sally, how do you juggle SWIISH, working in the media and having children! You are an inspiration to working mums – especially myself!!!

I’d like to think that I’m no different to so many other mums and dads, I think we’re all just juggling lots of balls and in the air and trying to not get knocked out by them when they come crashing down hahaha!

How I manage the juggle varies based on the girls’ ages and their corresponding needs. They are first and foremost so I work around that. I have an amazing husband, Marcus, and together we do it. But it’s not always easy. 

Because I’d been through a tough time when Annabelle was a baby, I wanted my experience with Elyssa to be very different. I wanted to do everything myself. But I wasn’t looking after myself properly. I was still looking after Annabelle who was adjusting to a new sibling and still managing the huge growth the SWIISH business.  I was up all night and I was really tired and not only was I not taking care of myself, but I wasn’t asking for any help. Consequently, I got so run down that I eventually got an infection and my eardrum burst, and it was only when I had blood pouring out of my ear, that I realised I probably should have put my hand up and asked for help. Even I – someone who knows the importance of good health – sometimes still struggles with asking for help and accepting when I need to take a break.

Being a mum makes that harder because you feel like you have to be there for everyone but it’s funny because as soon as you take a break and have some sleep and nurture yourself, your better for everyone. There’s no way you’re going to go the distance without looking after yourself, and as someone very wise recently told me (it was Marcus), it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

What can we expect for SWIISH in 2019?

Just this month, we’ve launched two new products within our SWIISH Wellness range, SLEEP, and GLOW. The response we’ve had to these products has been nothing short of amazing – SLEEP sold out in 72 hours and GLOW isn’t too far behind! We were always inundated with requests for a collagen powder and a sleep powder, so last year we poured our heart and souls into working on these new products for the SWIISH community. With all of that in mind, we’re really proud to say that we’ve started 2019 with a bang. But watch this space, because we do have more in the making.

When it comes to the online store for fashion, we are focusing on more beautiful, wearable and staple pieces that are affordable and for every wardrobe. We started out with a small edit, but the demand is there for more and we couldn’t be more excited to see it expand. Our range of books will be growing and range of beauty products will increase also.

And because all of that isn’t enough, we’ve got a new book (title yet to be announced) coming out this year and we’re literally on set shooting the imagery this week. Super exciting!


Advice for women wanting to start a business?

JUST START! Or as Nike says ‘Just do it!’ HA!

Our top three points of advice are

  1. Get the back end in order – websites / trademarks / patents 
  2. Focus on making the customer happy. 
  3. Keep your eye on the bottom line. 
  • Have there been times you have wanted to give up/ things haven’t worked? 

Many times! It’s normal to feel as if you are on a treadmill running through peanut butter, and that there are just not enough hours in the day. The challenge of owning your own small business is REAL but the key is to never give up. 

One of our most rewarding memories of SWIISH is when we wanted to write a book – Super Green Smoothies. At the time [Sally’s previous] publisher said, “No one will buy that book. Green smoothies are just a passing fad.” So we contacted a couple of other publishers and they all said no. 

So then we thought, ‘we’ll just do it ourselves.’ We wrote all the recipes, photographed and styled the whole thing ourselves in our kitchen, got a book designer and worked on it for months.  We launched it on Amazon and iTunes Overnight it went to number 1!!! So as you can imagine the publishers called us back, the book was published. It’s been reprinted so many times in so many countries, including most recently in Polish. It’s still Australia’s number 1 Smoothie Book. So, in short, the moral of the story is – just start, ignore the naysayers and never give up!

  • What advice do you give to women wanting to live a healthy life? 

For me personally (Sally), I think that if you love the food you eat and it tastes good, it doesn’t really matter what’s trendy at the moment. Life’s too short not to enjoy every single mouthful. But of course everything in moderation. But for those days you’re wanting to healthy, it’s all about greens greens greens! We really understand now that realistically most of us don’t eat enough veggies and the quality of the veggies is not as good as it was 20 or 30 years ago which is why we will not start a day without SWIISH DELIISH SUPER GREEN SUPER FOOD POWDER because you have to set yourself up right and if you can do one small thing and it will make such a big difference. 

Check out everything these wonderful and inspiring women have to offer on their website SWIISH.

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