Smash Enterprises: New Back To School Products That Are Cooler In More Ways Than One


It’s holiday time, the sun’s out and it is time to have some fun! Going to the beach is one of our favourite activities during the Summer holiday period and we love bringing yummy food to keep our energy up while having fun in the sun. Thanks to Smash Enterprises, they have provided some great products that you will help keep all your snacks fresh and cool! Below Mummy Plus One shows you the wonderful range that will not only be perfect for holiday activities but are the perfect sidekick for your child’s school bag and not to mention your work bag.  All products are 100% Aussie owned and can be washed and reused making them environmentally friendly. All at affordable prices, Smash enterprises have done it again making their products one of the best on the market.

Nude Food Movers 4 Piece Lunch Kit


  • What You Get: 
  • Wrap/roll Container
  • Ice Brick
  • Snack Pot
  • Double Snack Box With Fork

This clever creation is one of my favourites in the range! Finally, I have a container that fits my wraps and rolls instead of using plastic wrap. However, you are not only getting a great container perfect for your wraps and rolls, this pack includes two extra containers and an ice brick keeping all your little snacks safe, secure and cool throughout the day. Easy to fit in your work bag or school bag, it is perfect to take with you on the go.

Head to your closest Officeworks to get your Nude Food Movers 4 Piece Lunch Kit.

10 Piece Lunch Pack


If you are overwhelmed with all the small containers bought individually, this is the complete lunch solution perfect for you. This one-stop lunch pack has all the necessities perfect for all your food and drink. 

What You Get: 

  • Lunch Bag
  • Drink Bottle
  • Sandwich Box
  • Spork
  • 2x Snack Pots
  • 2x Gel Ice
  • 2x Snack pockets

Along with a great range of products all in one, the lunch bag’s lining is something to definitely talk about. Known as ‘Blue IQ Lining’ it has been ‘engineered with a physical barrier that won’t allow food to adhere or absorb causing harmful bacteria’. There is nothing more important than having a bacteria-free lunch bag which keeps all your food safe from any nasties. With the products free from BPA, lead and PVC, Smash provides all the best lunch storage needs that are easy to clean and not to mention the perfect size for all your food and snack needs. This 10 piece pack will definitely be your best friend this school year.

Available from your local Officeworks just in time for back to school.

Bento Switch Up


Looking for a lunch box that gives you endless lunch solutions? Helping to keep every day’s lunch interesting, the Bento Switch Up gives you the flexibility to use the same lunch box in many different ways. With removable dividers, the Bento Switch Up allows you to make 2, 3 or 4 compartments, from small to large, to fit salads, nuts and/or cut fruit. These removable dividers give you a great deal of flexibility and are still leak resistant thanks to the silicon edges. Finished with a removable skin available in a range of different colours and designs, it is also designed to keep your lunch cooler. 

Easy to clean, easy to use and available in great designs, the Bento Switch Up will be a favourite for back to school and work this year.   

Available at Officeworks, and selected Big W stores, Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets until stocks last. Make sure you get in quick so you don’t miss out.

The Fridge Ultimate Cooler 


Looking for an insulated cooler bag for your lunch and snacks? This product may be the answer to all your lunch cooler needs! 

Designed to fit the Bento Switch Up, Rubbish Free Lunch Box and the All In One Lunch Box, this cooler will no doubt keep everything nice and cool. With 2 large gel ice packs, The Fridge Ultimate Cooler has been designed to keep your food cool for up to 7 hours, providing a place to keep all your child’s food cool throughout the whole school day! With easy to clean fabric, this the Fridge Ultimate Cooler is also water resistant making it a great choice to take on your family days out! 

I took mine to the beach on a nice warm Summer’s day and it definitely met all my expectations. Not only keeping my food nice and cool, but it was also easy to clean and get all the messy sand off without a fuss.   

Freeze Pack Range


With three awesome products in this range including, Cooltops Sandwich Box, Cooltops Snack Box, and Snack n Freeze Snack Pot, these will be a favourite keeping food and snacks cool this Summer! Carefully thought out, each product will be loved by parents which will fit perfectly in their child’s school bag, keeping all their food items cool all day. By putting your Freeze Pack range into the freezer the night before use, they will be ready for the next day keeping everything chilled and fresh for your child. All products will fit nicely in The Fridge Ultimate Cooler which will keep everything together and not to mention, keep everything chillier than ever! Check out the range at your nearest Woolworths supermarket.

freeze pack

With our hot start to the year, Smash Enterprises have gone above and beyond considering the weather along with keeping food fresh and yummy all day long. You won’t be disappointed with their great products!


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