It’s been an interesting journey with Isaac and his dummy. Many parents may lean against having them, but I found it very beneficial when Isaac was a newborn. It did not interfere with breastfeeding, and instead, it was a comforter. However, once he got older the dummy started to become an problem…

Wherever we went, Isaac had to have it. I always had to pack a spare just in case he lost the original. It then got to a point where he was talking with it in his mouth. At the age of three, I felt as though he depended on it more than when he was a newborn. Friends would try and take it off him and I even tried to cut one up, however, every time someone took it away or I destroyed it, the tantrums were unbearable. 

After being unsuccessful on many occasions, there was one simple thing I did that helped me get rid of it forever…

It all began at my god son’s birthday party. Isaac constantly had his dummy in his mouth. After the party you could say I was a bit deflated, as I had a three year old that would not let go of his dummy, even when he was playing with his friends. I was beginning to get concerned how much he wanted it, and I started to think he would never get rid of it.

However that night everything was about to change…

When we got home after the party, Isaac was playing with his dad and forgot about his dummy. I saw it on the floor, so i decided to take it and hide it. Several hours later, close to bed time, Isaac asked ‘where’s my dummy?’ He knew exactly where he put it, but did not realise I had taken it. So I played dumb and replied ‘I don’t know’ and helped Isaac look for it. After a little while searching, I explained to Isaac that his dummy was lost and that we would buy one the next day. He was a little upset but he had to accept the fact that he ‘lost’ it.

The next morning, Isaac woke up and the first thing he asked for was his dummy. I reminded him that it was lost and that we needed to buy another one at the shops. So off to the shops we went… 

While we were out, I kept avoiding the ‘dummy’ subject and instead took Isaac to different toy shops to make him forget what we were originally there for. When he forgot about the dummy we went home.

When Isaac realised that we didn’t buy a dummy, I played dumb once again and told him I forgot to buy one. For about a week he continued to ask for it, but I kept reminding him that we didn’t have any at home. 

I look back and cannot believe how perfect the timing was. It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t taken off him maliciously, nor did I make a big deal about it. Although he was over three years old,  the timing was right for him and it didn’t make sense to take it off him earlier. He simply wasn’t ready to part from it. 

Every child is different and I think it is all about the timing and how you approach the situation. Since I took the dummy off him, his language has excelled and he communicates much better.

I hope this gives everyone else hope that also has the dummy dilemma. Take your time and do it when it is right for you! If there is anything I want you to take out of this blog is that there is HOPE 🙂




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