Kez’s Kitchen: Pure Goodness That Is Naked

Whether you are a parent or not, our everyday lives can be hectic and extremely busy. When on the go, it is easy to snack on unhealthy items including chocolate bars and energy drinks to stay energised. However, I am here to tell you that there are great snack options just as yummy as chocolate bars that you can take with you on the go, avoiding those extra calories.

Kez’s Kitchen have came up with the solution that has even made an impact in my household. Naked Bars are one of the latest products in the great range of biscuits, cereals and snacks that your whole family can enjoy. Made from pure goodness, these bars are unique and are paving the way for healthy snacking. We should not have to undermine flavours for healthy eating, and Kez’s Kitchen have found a way to ensure this. 


Ticking all the boxes, each 25g bar is filled with natural ingredients, no added sugar, less than 100 calories and are gluten free. Although they are not as big as your regular muesli bars, they are just as filling. 

100% guilt free without compromising the delicious flavours, the Naked range includes:

  • Choc Crunch Protein
  • Choc Mud
  • Choc Orange
  • Lamington
  • Popcorn

One of our favourites is the Choc Crunch Protein Bar. Full of yummy choc flavours, it is balanced with sesame seeds and coconut to give it crunch! Each flavour in the range is unique providing a different delicious taste with no harmful ingredients. Instead, just pure goodness that your body will thank you for!

Whether you are craving that 3pm pick me up or a sweet fix, or simply need something that fits easily in your handbag or lunch box, then Naked Bars are the perfect choice for you. With its 4 star health rating, Naked Bars continue to tick all the right boxes and provide a product that suits the needs of all people.

Kez’s Kitchen have carefully designed this wonder bar that everyone has been searching for. This proud family owned business have developed delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. There is no denying that these Australian made products are filled with passion and love. Supporting local is one thing, but getting a quality product at the same time is what is amazing about this product and the other items in their range.


The closest you will come to being naked in public are these yummy guilt free snacks. Shop these amazing products at your nearest Coles, Woolworths and IGA or click here to purchase your Naked Bar’s and so much more on the Kez’s Kitchen website.  

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 9.30.37 am

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