Messy Monkeys: Innovative Children’s Food Gets A Stamp of Approval

Freedom Foods have done it again! Along with their healthy cereal, muesli, snacks and spreads, they have now added a wonderful children’s range of yummy wholesome snacks full of goodness. Known as the Messy Monkeys range, Freedom Foods have delivered top products that will be loved by parents thanks to their health benefits and yummy flavours!

Messy Monkeys snacks could not have come at a better time, as Isaac is currently going through a popcorn phase. Thanks to Freedom Foods, we were very lucky to try the Messy Monkeys popcorn, along with their snack bars, and they were definitely a hit in our household!

Individually packed into perfect portions, Messy Monkeys Popcorn has no artificial colours, and flavours, no palm oil, and no added msg. Still full of amazing flavour, these are just the snacks many parents dream of, and Freedom Foods have delivered once again. Ticking all the right boxes, Messy Monkeys Popcorn is made from 100% natural Australian Wholegrain, which helps fuel little people for their daily activities. With two flavours in the range, Lightly Salted Popcorn and Lightly Sweet & Salty Popcorn,  there will definitely be a flavour that your kids will fall in love with. Whether a school snack or eaten during movie time, Messy Monkeys will definitely be a winner just like it has been in our house!

Freedom Foods have also included another great product in their range – Messy Monkeys Strawberry and Apple Snack Bars. Filled with real fruit and legumes, these are definitely a great choice for growing little people. Full of goodness, they are filled with 26% of your child’s daily fibre needs which can sometimes be difficult getting enough in their diet. Along with being low in saturated fats, they are full of flavour coming in the perfect size for little hands.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 9.01.10 pm.png

Freedom Foods have gone above and beyond, creating innovative children’s food that are not only yummy, but are meeting the needs of their nutritional intake.

Check out the Messy Monkeys range at leading supermarkets including Coles and Woolworths.


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