Henry Blooms Paves The Way For Baby, Kids & Women’s Health

Previously, Mummy Plus One had the privilege to check out the bio-fermented probiotic range and now we are lucky enough to check out other great products they have to offer. Keeping with the theme of health and healthy living, below Mummy Plus One look at a rang of children probiotics and women’s multi vitamins…

Henry Blooms provide a range of baby and children friendly probiotics that have extreme benefits for young people. Vital in building up gut health from a young age, probiotics also help digestion and the absorption of nutrients. Many doctors would suggest to take these if a child is on antibiotics, however, they are just as beneficial to take on a regular basis. If there is one thing children can benefit from, it is the work of probiotics.

Baby Probiotic Broad Spectrum 

baby pro

We all want to give our children the best start in life, and Henry Blooms can help you do that. Baby Probiotic Broad Spectrum, is full of tummy-loving good bacteria, just what your baby needs to help aid digestion. Just as they do for adults, probiotics help strengthen the immune system, and, for babies, it has been known to help prevent colic. From newborn to 36 months, you can continue to use Baby Probiotic Board Spectrum up until your child is three years old. 

This powder form probiotic can be absorbed in drinks including water, juice, milk and formula – your baby/toddler won’t even know you have added it! I have been an advocate of baby probiotics ever since I finished breastfeeding.

I believed the nutrients and vitamins in breast milk were enough for Isaac, however, once he turned one and he didn’t want to be breastfed anymore, I still wanted to give hime the goodness my breastmilk provided. Hence, probiotics were my new best friend! 

children ppro

Kids Probiotic Immunity

When you no longer want to use the powdered probiotic for your little one, Henry Blooms have the answer. Kids Probiotic Immunity are chewable tablets filled with good bacteria and Zinc to support immune function. Berry flavoured,  97% sugar-free and gluten free, Kids Probiotic Immunity support digestive health just like all the other probiotics in the Henry Blooms range. 



Women’s Multi Vitamins multi

Besides keeping our children healthy, it is important that mum looks after herself too. IntelliVit MultiVitamin For Women is not only full vitamins, it has been designed to provide optimal absorption from one single tablet. IntelliVit uses a bilayer technology that separates the vitamins to provide optimum results. Many vitamins work better if they are taken separately, hence, this well thought out multivitamin give women the opportunity to get the most out of one tablet. 

IntelliVit includes all the essentials including Iron, Vitamin B, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. This should be included in your daily routine boosting your body with health and vitality, especially for those you live an active, busy and demanding lifestyle. 

IntelliVit has been seen to:

  • aid energy production
  • assist immune defence
  • help protect against free radical damage
  • help maintain a healthy nervous system
  • support thyroid function and metabolism
  • assist mood maintenance
  • support cardiovascular function in normal, healthy individuals

But don’t take it from me, try Henry Bloom’s IntelliVit Multi Vitamins and see the difference in yourself within a few days! Wanting to make everyday better? Henry Blooms has all your needs to help you get through. 

Click here to find your closest stockist or click here to purchase your Henry Blooms products online. This is a one stop shop for all your health needs.  

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