The Hungry Fox: European Class Still A Kid’s Paradise

There is no denying the fresh produce used throughout all their dishes. Affiliated with Lamanna, the wonderful family behind the supermarket, cafe and patisserie has done it again with a great food destination. Besides the beautiful food, The Hungry Fox is a family friendly cafe that will be loved by all thanks to its stunning play ground found in their courtyard.

Reminding me of a Chateau from the Swiss Alps, the high peak ceilings and wooden architecture make you feel as though you are transported to a European countryside. Filled with a beautiful fireplace and sunroom to watch the kids while they play in the courtyard, the warm environment will allow you to relax and eat in style.

Receiving an invitation by fellow blogger @the_mummy_blogger, we set out on an adventure to check out this hidden gem in Essendon Fields. With a wonderful array of breakfast and lunch items (along with a kids menu), the menu also includes a lovely array of juices, smoothies and hot drinks.

Acai and Berry Smoothie Bowl


Filled with buckwheat crumble, nuts, fresh cut fruit and berries, this is any health guru’s dream! On trend at the moment, you will not be disappointed with the fresh taste of the smoothie and delicious fruits.

Fruit and Nut Toast


Bringing me back to my childhood, persimmon is a well known fruit found in any traditional  Italian garden. Placed with beautiful whipped ricotta and nuts on a piece of fruit toast, I was transported back to a time of comfort and love. I highly recommend you give this yummy snack a try!

Milk and Cookies 


You cannot go passed the sweet breakfast items on the menu. Cookie dough waffles are placed with a range of delicious flavours creating texture and style on a plate. With pana cotta, peanut butter dulce de leech, cornflakes, bananas and strawberries, this dish is a sweet tooth’s dream. With creativity the centre of this dish, its tastes are not undermined. If you are feeling like something sweet, then indulge in ‘Milk and Cookies’!

Avocado Toast


Stunning to look at, this well presented dish is full of goodness and yummy flavours. Avocado and toast with a twist, this dish incorporates fresh and condiments including mint, wild ginger, lime cashews, sesame sprinkle and roasted tomatoes. Whether you add poached eggs to the dish or not, avocado toast is extremely enticing.

Red, Yellow and Green


Juices made with the most fresh produce, you have the choice to choose one of their mixes or make your own. Whether you are looking for something zesty or sweet your choices are endless.

Thank you @the_mummy_blogger for the wonderful experience and The Hungry Fox for being so accomodating!! I will definitely be back with the family!!



If you are interested in visiting The Hungry Fox Cafe by Lamanna, they are located at 305 Wirraway Road, Essendon Fields, VIC. Their opening hours are:


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