Goodness In A Bottle: Henry Blooms Bio-Fermented Probiotics

Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ naturally found in the human digestive tract, however, these can be undermined due to different circumstances such as taking antibiotics. If you do not have enough good bacteria within your body, you can be prone to colds, flus and other illnesses. Probiotics are good for all age groups and should be part of a healthy diet no matter your age. Henry Blooms have been a trusted brand promoting health for over 75 years. Now they have included a range of bio-fermented probiotics to their range.

Creating a healthy environment for the gut, along with aiding digestion, Henry Blooms’ bio-fermented probiotics go through a five-stage probiotic/fermentation procedure creating a product full of goodness. The range incorporates a variety of different superfoods which all have different health benefits. 99% sugar free, all you need is 15mls per day. Whether you drink it straight in a shot glass (like me) or decide to add it to one of your favourite drinks, the results will always be positive. Below are five different superfoods from the range and what to expect from these great products.

Coconut Water with Lemon Myrtle (Hydration)


Many of us struggle with the recommended daily intake of fluids. I am definitely a culprit of this, but thanks to this superfood, I wont have to worry any longer. As a super source of natural electrolytes, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, Coconut Water with Lemon Myrtle boosts hydration. Electrolytes help provide optimum bodily function, hence deficiency can lead to poor digestion, muscular and nervous system functions which could then lead to headaches and muscle cramping. It is easy to underestimate the importance of hydration, but now Henry Blooms can help us avoid this.

Papaya with Pomegranate (Digestive Support)


Bloating can be a real problem for many people, and if you are one of those statistics, Papaya with Pomegranate is just the one for you. Aiding digestion, this probiotic will help combat bloating. We cannot forget the anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the incorporation of pomegranate in the mixture.

Olive Leaf Extract (Immune Support)

Olive leaf has been used for many centuries in places including India and the Mediterranean to help immune system function. Traditionally used to help relieve symptoms of coughs, fevers and sore throats, now Henry Blooms have created a probiotic that incorporates one of the most well known products around the world. Enhancing the body’s ability to fight infection, Olive Leaf Extract will keep you at optimum health all year round.


Wheatgrass with Beetroot and Carrot (Vege Goodness)

Containing 30% of the recommended daily vegetable intake, Wheatgrass with Beetroot and Carrot is a great choice if you need the extra boost in your system. Also a great option for fussy eaters, this is a product that definitely suits the needs of my three year old. Also supporting general wellbeing, it has a great source of Vitamin A to help the immune system, skin and eye health. Not my favourite tasting superfood, this is best mixed with other drinks such as your favourite juice or sparkling mineral water.


Lychee Iced Tea with Green Tea (Gut Health)

One of my favourite in the ranges, Lychee Ice Tea with Green Tea will fuel your gut with all the goodness you need. Helping combat harmful bacteria, this great tasting flavour has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features.


Whether you stick to one superfood, or buy them all, each will contribute to good health and wellbeing. Always read directions and if any symptoms persist, it is advised to consult your health care professional. Click here to check out all the stockists and join me in the journey of healthy living and great gut health!

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