Baby & Toddler Fashion: Unisex Brands We Love

When you find out if you are having a little boy or girl, it is natural to purchase gender specific pieces of clothing. However, the latest trend is steering away from the traditional cliches, and I believe it will be sticking around.

Instead of choosing going all ‘pink’ or all ‘baby blue’ the neutral tones and monochromatic tones are making a stance. There are a range of brands that are making waves with this popular look. Below are some of my favourite brands that have a great range of unisex clothing that are fashionable and high in quality.

Chi Khi


Founded by the talented actress and singer Natalie Bassingthwaite, Chi Khi has become a house hold name. Known for their monochromatic deigns and unisex styles you will easily fall in love their super chic style. Due to a great range of thought being put into their designs, their range is great for both boys and girls from size 000 to 7. I am currently in love with their new range Mummy and Me. Keeping to the unisex theme, jumpers tops and jackets have been specifically made for mums to match the kids range of tops, jumpers and jackets.



Bonds is one of my favourite go to brands for everyday clothing, perfect for play time and comfort. With a great range of onesies, leggings, tees and jumpers, you can dress your little one in their range from the moment they are born  until they are an adult!

Nothing beats Bonds onesies for a newborn to keep snug. The zip wondersuit range has a two way zip making it easy access for changing nappies. The soft and stretchy fabric makes it easier for Bub to move around and not feel restricted. With extra thought put into these wondersuits, they have cosy cuff mittens that fold over baby’s hands to keep them warm and prevent them from scratching themselves. Due to their popularity, there are a great range of designs that are suitable for boys and girls and not to mention those more gender specific. Keep an eye out for new designs that come out each season.

Along with their baby onesies, you can get many of their great essentials on sale as they regularly have great deals all year round. Keep an eye out for one of my favourite sales – 40% off.



PureBaby is a great organic brand which is perfect for newborns, hence having a wonderful neutral range is fitting. With their soft textures and organic material, their neutral range is always on trend and gorgeous for any little boy or girl.

Besides clothing, blankets are another important staple for a newborn baby. Whether it is for the pram or for the cot, PureBaby has a range of luxurious blankets. Made from 100% organic cotton, they are gentle against skin and elegantly designed.


ltl ppl

Created by a local Melbourne based company, LTL PPL have a range of clothing that you can mix and match for your little boy or girl. Using only the highest quality materials, their clothing is practical and durable for little people. Their gender neutral range of black, white, grey and denim makes it a range that you can shop for all your children. There is nothing more trendy than a pair of skinny jeans, a grey jumper and cool Chucks. This is definitely a minimal look but very cool and simultaneously on trend.

From newborn to little people, you can definitely dress your children in unisex clothing giving them a trendy new look. This will also allow you to pass on clothing to younger siblings even if they are different gender!


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