Tried & Tested: Sports Chiller Water Bottle

Welcoming a new product to the Smash collection, the Sports Chiller Bottle boasts fun, practicality and innovation. Claiming to keep your drink 2.5 times colder than regular non-insulated bottles, I put the bottle to the test to see whether this water bottle met all expectations.

To test this feature, I filled a Sports Chiller Bottle and a non-insulated bottle with the same temperature water (chilled fridge temperature). I took both bottles to all my daily activities and tested them both to see whether or not they kept cool. But before I give you my results, I dissected all the other features to see if it really is a hero bottle that you should invest in…

Don’t Spill It!

With a one-way performance valve, I was still sceptical about the nozzle and possible leakage. All my bottles have always had a lid; hence I never had an issue with a handbag filled with unwanted water. With no lid, I still believed that it would leak in my bag, but I would never know unless I tested it myself. From traveling it in my gym bag to taking it to work in my handbag, I can happily say that it did not leak.

Size Does Matter

You don’t want a water bottle that’s too big which you can’t even carry in your bag, however simultaneously you do not want a small bottle that only holds minimal liquid. 640ml in capacity, the chiller bottle has been constructed to not be too thick, making it easy for little hands to hold, easy to fit into the water console of your car and snug in a bag, leaving room for other essentials. It is true, size does matter!

No Sweat

It can be very annoying when icy cold water creates condensation on the outside of the bottle. With the chiller bottle, there is no need to worry about the water that sweats.  This is a great feature, especially when it is in your child’s school bag filled with their school books. You never have to worry about soggy paper and books again!

Keeping its cool

With the day at its end, it is now time to give you the results of which bottle kept its cool….

The day for both bottles consisted of:

  • Going to the gym and traveling in my gym bag,
  • Taking it to work and resting them on my desk in a warm room all day

You could definitely taste the difference in temperature by the end of the day. The chiller bottle was clear winner keeping much cooler than the non-insulated bottle.

Low and behold, the Sports Chiller is an all-rounder. From its modern design to its carefully constructed properties, you will not be disappointed with this product. Exclusive to Coles, the sports chiller water bottle is retailed at only $10.00. Available in three colours, don’t miss and out on this great product great for young and old!


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