Mother’s Day: Last Minute Gift Guide To Make You the Favourite Child!

What! Mother’s Day is nearly here! I do this every year and leave Mother’s day shopping for the last minute. Do you feel that you continuously buy the same gift year in and year out or leave the shopping until the day before? Below I have collated a range of ideas that may help you choosing a gift easier.

No need to panic! Mummy Plus One is here to help!

Massage / Pedicure / Manicure

I have exhausted this gift to the max! For a busy mum, there is nothing more amazing than getting pampered!

My Pick: Massage… or maybe a pedicure… or maybe a manicure… How about all 3!!!

Sharing The Love – Activities You Can Do Together

My best friend gave me this idea when she and her mum did a flower arrangement course. From cake decorating to candle making, there are many different activities for you and your mum to enjoy together.

My Pick: Cake Decorating Course


PJ’s  Are Always A Winner

Peter Alexander have changed the whole dynamic of the word Pyjamas!

You cannot go wrong with buying your mum a special pair of pj’s, slippers or a plush robe. PA have a devoted range for mums this Mother’s Day! If you don’t know what to buy mum, click here to check out their Mother’s Day collection!!

My Pick: Luxe Velvet Fleece Gown

fleece gown

Care For A Cup Of Tea?

If your mum is a tea lover, you cannot go passed the T2 collection. From loose leaf teas, to gorgeous teacups and tea pots, you even have a choice of gift packs to make it that extra special.

My Pick: Carried Away by French Earl Grey Gift Pack


Shout your mum to a nice brunch, lunch or dinner

Instead of buying a gift, why not take mum out on Mother’s Day. There nothing better than spending quality time and having a nice outing. Be sure to book in advance, as this is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants and cafes.

My Pick: Brunch

My favourite choice – Pancakes!


Happy Mother’s Day to all those special mums! 

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