Baby Tula Blankets: More Than Just A Baby Blanket

In my experience as a mother, blankets and swaddles are your best friend for your child, and you can never have too many! In saying this, choosing high quality products that are breathable yet cosy is a must.

Baby Tula has created a blanket that encompasses these qualities and more. Made from 100% viscose from bamboo, Baby Tula blankets are created for swaddling, cuddling and comfort. The phrase ‘100% viscose from bamboo’ may not mean much to you, however having a product made from this is not only great for your child bust also environmentally kind and sustainable. Along with its insulating qualities, blankets made from bamboo viscose are naturally hypoallergenic and soft and silky skin to skin, which is why Baby Tula blankets are so beautiful to touch.

With the company started by husband and wife, their products have been about sustainability and keeping children close with comfort and love. However, it is not just a baby blanket. Thanks to its lightweight properties, Baby Tula blankets are also great for tummy time, privacy when breastfeeding and not to mention snuggles, making these blankets special in its own right

With a great range of unisex and gender specific designs available to suit different tastes, the beautiful colours will make it a favourite for your little one as they grow. With two sizes in the range (Blanket Singles 120x200cm & Cuddle Me Blankets 150x200cm), they are not only great for home use, but are a perfect travel buddy to put in your baby bag or in the pram.



Starting at $34.95 these luxuriously soft blankets are not only great for your little ones, but a perfect gift idea as you can never go wrong with blankets (speaking from experience)!

Along with these wonderful blankets Baby Tula have a great range of baby carriers, hooded towels and accessories. Baby Tula blankets and their other great products can be purchased on their website or click here to find your nearest stockist.





**Special note**

From the 30th of April to the 1st of May 2018 there will be a range of items for sale including the baby carrier normally $259 reduced to $199.

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