Getting Out & About: Child Friendly Cafes Where You Can Enjoy Your Coffee In Peace!

It’s no denying toddlers can be hard work. ‘Active’ is definitely my toddler’s middle name.

This may stop you from doing those things that used to be so easy, such as going to the supermarket, going shopping or just having a coffee and reading the newspaper.

Some parents may be blessed with children that will sit down for ages while you enjoy a caffeine fix, however once my child turned 2 years old I definitely couldn’t. However, I didn’t want this to stop me from going out and enjoying brekky or a coffee.

Hence, I was on a mission. I was sure there were child friendly places around that would cater for my energetic child. My aim was to find a cafe  had a closed off area/courtyard and didn’t mind children being ‘kids’.

With my endless searching, I was amazed that there were a great range of child friendly cafes around Melbourne.

In my search for an ‘Isaac Friendly’ cafe I came across Bean Counter in the northern suburb of Fairfield. When I walked inside I was unsure if it was a child friendly cafe, but as they took me to the court yard, I now knew why it was! With child size tables and chairs, along with a great range of toys in a closed of courtyard, I knew this was a great choice. I felt very relaxed and knew I was in a zone where I could enjoy my coffee in peace. Along with it being child friendly, the breakfast I had was divine! Definitely a place I would recommend.

Our visit to Bean Counter. Great set up for children along with yummy babycinos in child friendly rubber espresso cups.

Some other great family / children friendly cafes you may want to check out are:

  1. Park Street: Carlton 
  2. Cubby House Canteen: Armadale
  3. The Hub 3070: Northcote
  4. The Farm: Collingwood
  5.  Miss Marmalade: Brunswick

Would love to hear about your experiences and any other great places you would recommend!

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