The Smoothie Bombs: Creating Nutrition in a Small Package!

As a family on the go, it can be easy to pick up a packet of chips or a chocolate for a quick snack. Although, I consciously try to be healthy, there are definitely cheat days in our family, along with skipping breakfast some days. To avoid a common thread of cheeky habits in our lifestyle, I am always on the lookout for great tasting and full of goodness products that can be eaten on the go, and not to mention, enjoyed by the whole family.

I was fortunate enough to come across a product called The Smoothie Bomb. Attracted to the idea of pre-portioned boosters, I was interested in what this Smoothie Bomb could offer.

With five different flavours in the range, each provide a great variety of seeds, nuts, spices, and fruit which are gluten free, vegan and palm oil free.

5 boosters: Lover, Transformer, Warrior, Motivator, Defender

With its simple instructions, all I needed to add to my blender (along with the one crumbled smoothie bomb) was a one piece of fruit and a cup of milk. With this process only taking me a few minutes, my smoothie was ready to drink in no time. I could taste the goodness and flavour of the smoothie bomb in every mouth full.

I was super impressed with what I had created thanks to the help of my smoothie bomb! Who would have thought that such a simple concept, filled the most amazing and healthy ingredients could make my life so much easier?

To top it off, my toddler is a big fan of our new smoothies!

Passionate Warrior Smoothie

It can be difficult getting all the nutrients into my son’s body, hence I am stoked that he can now get the nutrition he needs in a yummy drink. The Smoothie Bomb is a great on the go meal for those days that Isaac doesn’t feel like his conventional breakfast of cereal or toast!

Green Mango Smoothie

What makes this product so special is the story behind the brand. The Smoothie Bomb was a clever idea from a single mum on a low income.  She wanted to make a product with substance that her daughter would have before school as she regularly skipped breakfast.  Her drive and passion to create a product that would help her children eat breakfast has now become a global empire. From producing her products in the space of her own home, Cinzia Cozzolino and her daughter Lana now mass produce to stores including Chemist Warehouse.

Mummy Plus One was lucky enough to chat to the wonderful owner of The Smoothie Bomb to chat all things Smoothies and mum life.

Was it hard running a business with children?

I started the business when my kids were teenagers so I have a different experience. We are a very tight knit family as I am a single mum so they often help me with the business.  

What is the most challenging this about running a business?

For me I just go go go and I don’t take much time to wind down. My goal this year is to find a bit more balance, which is challenging for any mum let along biz owner. 

What advice do you give to other mums who are thinking about starting a business?

Go for it! Create something you think it lacking in the market. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time round, but get it out there and get feedback from family, friends and strangers. Then improve it. 

What makes your brand different to other Smoothie/Health brands?

Smoothie Bombs is run by my teenage daughter and myself. We’re not a weight loss company, we’re a family that understands that life is busy! We want to provide convenient nutritious food for those that want to be healthy but don’t have the time or the know how. 

What is your favourite product?

My favourite Smoothie Bombs flavour is The Defender Golden Chai. It’s our immunity blend, packed full of warming spices and fig! 

Do you have any new projects you are working on?

We always have new products coming in. That’s what I love about running my own business. I love the product development and seeing how excited our community gets about new flavours.


Along with making a range of wonderful smoothies with The Smoothie Bomb range, there are many other great recipes available to make. Click here to check them out! 

Buy their wonderful range on The Smoothie Bombs website or view the range of stockists here. Hope you enjoy the range just as much as we do!!!

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