Holiday Edition: Product Review – Quinny Yezz Pram

When we booked our flights overseas, it was inevitable that I needed to buy a good travel pram. I was looking for a pram that was not only reliable, but also light weight, easy to maneuver and comfortable for Isaac to sit in. Although I had a quite an extensive list of needs, there was one brand I was confident would have what I was looking for. Owning two prams for the Quinny range (the Moodd and Zapp), I went straight to their range to see what they had available for our travels.

Low and behold, one pram stood out to me – the Quinny Yezz. Designed with the lightest materials weighing only 5.6kg, the Yezz was easy to maneuver and it was available in a great range of colours making it visible from a distance. Along with the pram being simple to fold in a small package with one button, it also had a shoulder strap which made it easy and comfortable to carry.



It ticked many of the boxes, however, the only downfall about the pram was the storage. I must admit, it is something they lack in many of their prams, but besides this issue I cannot fault the Quinny brand with their quality and reliability.

Without hesitation, I purchased a Yezz for our family adventure. With no surprise, I could not fault it.  It definitely stood the test of time being handled by luggage control and many other people throughout our trip.  It ticked many of the boxes, and not to mention, the shoulder strap was a winner, making our luggage much easier to juggle. To make up for the storage issue, I purchased a net stroller bag by Valco Baby, allowing me to store everything I needed when we were out and about. Only costing $9.95 from Baby Bunting, I thought this was only a small price to pay extra for an overall good pram.

The Quinny Yezz may not be the cheapest pram you come across, but you are definitely getting a pram that is sturdy and well built that can handle just as much as a suitcase can.


If you are looking for a sturdy and simple pram to use for your travels, I highly suggest you check out the Quinny range. It may not be the right pram for everyone, but it definitely was the right choice for our family!

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