THANKYOU: More Than Just A Brand

From moisturisers to body washes, Thankyou has expanded its range to include a great range of baby care products. However along with their growing company, Thankyou is more than just a brand. 100% of their profit is given to those in need.

When purchasing products from their baby care range, you are not only buying necessities for your child, but you are helping change the world and the lives of many underprivileged mothers and pregnant women. Purchasing baby care products helps fund safe births and health care in third world countries.

When reviewing products from the range, little did I know that there was more to their brand. Along with their continuous support and generosity, I was impressed that they have created products at a high caliber, exceeding all my expectations. From helping the world and simultaneously creating products that are environmentally friendly and free from nasty parabens, I was extremely interested to try their nappies and baby wipes…


When I first opened the box of nappies, I fell in love with their monochromatic pattern. The unisex design of black and white stripes was extremely appealing. I love that Thankyou has created  unisex product. Having separate boys and girls nappies have made it difficult in the past, as there have been instances I could not get boys nappies and only girls nappies were in stock.

These simple features have already made a great impression. However, Thank you continued to amaze me. Along with being soft and not bulky, the nappies were extremely absorbent. Compared to other nappies I have used, Isaac stayed completely dry overnight with no wet pjs or bed sheets. Also being chlorine and latex free, their nappies are enriched with aloe Vera and Vitamin E, great to keep babies skin free from nasty chemicals.



When using wipes on your child, it is pivotal that they are gentle. There is nothing worse than your child feeling irritable, which has happened to Isaac in the past. With his delicate skin, Isaac has had reactions to certain wipes when I have used them on his face, hence I was a little hesitant trying new wipes.

However thanks to their carefully thought out product, these artisan water based wipes made from 98% of natural ingredients were amazing! I used them all over Isaac’s body including his face, and he did not have one break out. They were also thick and absorbent and I felt like I got more out of one wipe compared to others. Yes, they are a little more expensive than other brands, but so worth it!


There is so much to love about this amazing brand, from its great charity work, along with creating gentle products for all ages. They have definitely made a strong impression on me and cannot wait to try other baby care products in their range.

Thankyou products including their nappies and wipes can be purchased from leading retailers including Woolworths, Coles and Baby Bunting. Alternatively, click here to view their online store with their full range and read more about their amazing work!

Baby, we can change the world!

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