What to Buy a Child Who Has Everything!

Toys, toys, toys! Do you dread Christmas shopping when you are buying for a child that has everything?

With less than a week left until Christmas and the shops full of chaos, are you lost for ideas? Never fear, Mummy Plus One is here!

Although I have a two and half year old and any toy makes him happy, I have found that there is something even better.

Travelling overseas has opened my eyes to what really makes my child happy. The experiences he had were not only special, but also memorable. Weeks on, Isaac still talks about going into the Dubai desert and seeing the camels. I’m not suggesting you buy your child a ticket overseas but the best thing to buy a child that has everything is an experience.

The great things about this type of gift is that no matter where you live, there are sure to be many activities to choose from.

Some ideas to help you include:
Theme park / Water Park
Local play center
Children’s farm

On top of all the options available, you can purchase these gifts on their websites. No need to brave the shops this Christmas, instead put your PJs on, make yourself a cup of tea (or pour yourself a wine) and click away!

merry christmas

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