I would never have thought I would be in negotiations with my toddler. Me at one end of the living room and Isaac on the other.

“I need to change your nappy.
“NO.” he replies in that sweet but assertive tone.
“I’m serious, come here now.”
“NO.” he replies once more

We stare at each other from across the room. The scene is set like an old western movie; both waiting to see what move the other person is going to make.

‘I’ll give you chocolate if you listen to Mummy.’ 

Still talking from across the room, Isaac gives me nothing. No bribe works with my toddler yet. Either he still doesn’t understand how bribes work, or he is too smart for me and has worked me out already!

With no retreat there is definitely no surrender in this household.

Trying my best to negotiate, I have come to the conclusion that my toddler is made with a defiant switch.

I’m in a very tricky situation, if I yell, he will yell. If I chase him, he will run. What choice do I have left?

With the standoff continuing he has me cornered!

The only other choice I have left is to ignore him. I give up! I sit on the couch, turn on the television and pretend he is not there. From the corner of my eye I can see his stunned expression. Slowly, Isaac walks towards me. He finally stops right in front of me. He stares. I still ignore. He calls my name. I don’t respond.

With a few moments of silence, Isaac turns to me and says, ‘Mummy I’m wet’ and lies on the floor ready to be changed.

This is how my day begins…

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