Preshafruit: Defining New Age Juices

After the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run, all participants were rewarded with a beautiful packaged bottle of juice called Preshafruit. The first thing I thought was ‘here is another juice claiming to be full of fruit but really just full of sugar and preservatives’. Well, boy I was wrong!

From the moment I opened the juice I could smell the aromas. You could instantly tell it was different to other juices I had tasted in the past. Full of freshness, I was hooked even before I took a sip! With no exaggeration, I ended up drinking the whole bottle of juice in about one minute! I then began to wonder, how can a juice taste so good without the use of artificial flavours and no added sugar, which was also BPA free? In my opinion, it was a juice too good to be true! As a firm believer of using fresh produce and minimising the use of processed foods in my family’s everyday diet, I decided to do a little more research on this new product.

I began to wonder, how can a juice last on the shelf if there are no preservatives found in the product? As its name suggests, Preshafruit uses cold pressure (HPP) to keep its shelf life compared to other juices which are pasteurized. With this being my first positive finding, I continued to do some more research.

Along with being free from artificial flavours and chemicals, Preshafruit is an advocate of using fresh Australian produce supporting Australian farmers. As a clean product, Preshafruit maintains its uncompromised flavours and freshness thanks to the use of quality fruits. Knowing that a company supports local farmers really resonated with me. When my grandparents arrived in the country, they were fruit farmer’s working hard for over fifty years. Being the livelihood of so many other hardworking Australian’s, it’s great that a company like Preshafruit believe in the importance of keeping jobs in Australia.

I am excited to have found a juice that is suitable for my toddler where I do not have to worry where the fruit comes from, or what artificial flavours and sugars have been added to give it flavour. This is genuinely the first time I am not concerned about giving my child a bottled juice. To top it off, Preshafruit has created the perfect size for little hands! 145ml mini size juices are perfect to fit in my toddler’s backpack and even in my handbag. Combined in a four pack, your little one will be able to get their hands on three great flavours, Apple & Passionfruit, Apple & Raspberry and Pink Lady Apple. As they are not too big, there definitely won’t be wastage!

presha fruit images.jpg

But never fear, for all those other juice lovers, Preshafruit is also available in larger sizes including 350ml, 1L and 2L. Preshafruit flavours including Valencia Orange, Pineapple, Pear, Blood Orange, Apple & Lemon and Pomegranate can be purchased from leading supermarkets including Woolworths, Coles and LaManna.

Besides drinking them over ice, you can have lots fun with the variety of flavours available. Whether you want to mix and muddle your juice with other products to make a yummy punch, or freeze your juice to make a fresh granita, the taste will never be compromised.

Clear from impurities and nasty chemicals, Preshafruit is a genuine product more than just a juice – Preshafruit is a new age juice that your whole family will love.

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