The Day My Son Called 000. By Accident!

For me it was a normal day. I got up, I got ready for work and dropped Isaac off at my mum’s house so she could babysit. Little did I know that it was an interesting day for my parents…

For some unbeknownst reason, my son decided that he did not want to play with all the wonderful toys he had at my parent’s house, but instead he wanted to play with the house phone. Who would have thought (with all the numbers on the key pad) that Isaac would dial 0-0-0? At that point, my parents didn’t realise what had happened, and it wasn’t until my mum received a phone call not long after that something was wrong. When my mum answered the phone, the person on the other end explained they were a constable from the local police station and they received a call from my parent’s landline. Firstly, my mum thought it was a prank call, but she soon realised that it was not a joke.

Due to protocol, two police officers went to my parent’s home to ensure that there were no disturbances and that the call was a mistake. One of the police officers spoke to Isaac and asked him if he called 0-0-0. Isaac answered ‘no’. Not sure if he really understood the severity, but he definitely knew how to cover it up with his answer. (However, I do not condone lying!)

I think the moral of the story is: Do not to let your children play with the home phone as they tend to choose numbers that make police officers come unnecessarily.

However, in all seriousness, it is important that children know how to call 000 when it is an emergency. If they cannot convey the emergency in its entirety, it is great to know that emergency services will be able to assist.

Definitely a story to tell at Isaac’s 21st!


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