Making Memories – Milestone Ideas To Remember Those Special Moments

Whenever I look at photos of Isaac as a newborn, I always wonder ‘where has the time gone?’ In a blink of an eye, we see our children grow up. One minute they are in nappies, and the next, they are starting their first day at school. Although it is important to live in the moment, it is just as important to capture milestones in your child’s life, allowing you and your child to look back and reminisce. With so many milestone ideas available to capture those moments, below I have picked a few of my favourites.

Milestone Cards

Milestone cards are a popular choice, due to the variety of styles to choose from. Along with how many months your child is, many sets contain the following titles:

  • I was born today
  • I am 1 week old today
  • This is my first bath
  • Today I smiled for the first time
  • I slept through the night
  • This is my first Christmas
  • Today    I rolled over
  • Today I started to crawl
  • Today I ate my first solids
  • I got my first tooth
  • I can sit up by myself
  • I can stand up by myself
  • I said my first word today
  • I took my first steps
  • This is my first Father’s Day
  • This is my first Mother’s Day
  • Today is my first birthday

Below are some of my favourite milestone cards from Audrey and Me

Milestone Blocks

As the name suggests, milestone blocks are a great alternative to the popular cards. The set consists of:

  • 2x number combination blocks
  • 1x Weeks, Months, Years and Grade options

Although they are larger in size, milestone blocks can be used throughout their schooling to document each year.

I chose to purchase the milestone blocks by All4Ella to document Isaac’s Milestones     

Baby Story App

Recently discovering this app, I was extremely impressed with the idea. With smartphones taken over the conventional camera, this app allows you to add filters, milestone artworks and fonts to suit your style. Baby Story will allow you to create beautiful memories on your phone, which can then be printed or added to a photo book to keep forever.

Chalk Board

Chalk boards are a great way to give your images a vintage feel. Bringing old school back, this simple idea is very effective.

Image courtesy of Pinterest (Baby E)

Light Box

Illuminated letters, numbers and light boxes have been the latest craze. Thanks to their popularity, light boxes can be purchased at a reasonable price, allowing you to change the script to your desire. Whether you are celebrating their first tooth or 6 month milestone, the light box can also be a great addition to your child’s room as a night light.

There are endless options to help you capture those special moments. Whether you like using milestone cards or like creating that special image by editing them on your smartphone, the most important thing is that you take heaps of photos and make memories that you and your family can look back on. It may be difficult some days, but taking a few minutes out of your day to capture those moments will be priceless in the future.

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