Yummy Mummies Maria DiGeronimo – Who Am I To Judge?

There is more than meets the eye to this ‘silly little rich girl’ people ‘claim’ her to be. Maria DiGeronimo has made her mark on the controversial television series ‘Yummy Mummies’ by accentuating the her lavish lifestyle, along with making certain comments that raised many eye brows. If you have not seen or heard about the show, ‘Yummy Mummies’ followed the lives of four pregnant women, showcasing their lifestyles and experiences they faced before and after the birth of their babies.

Throughout the show, we were introduced to three wealthy mum-to-bes from Melbourne, Lorinska Merrington, Rachel Watts and Jane Scandizzo. But it wasn’t these women that stirred up controversy. Adelaide mum-to-be Maria DiGeronimo got more than she bargained for, copping criticism throughout the series.

Yummy Mummies Cast (left to right) Jane, Maria, Lorinska and Rachel

DiGeronimo was perceived as a wealthy mum-to-be who loved all things fashion and brands, with her home dripping in ‘Versace’ accessories. This lavish lifestyle continued in her daughter’s nursery, filled with the best of the best designer labels up until the age of fourteen. For those that watched the show, people would think that DiGeronimo was a materialistic and selfish woman who did not care about the simple things in life. As she played the ‘exaggerated character’ throughout, she rocked the boat with many comments and beliefs that were aired.

Knowing Maria personally, I decided to watch the television series and see what the fuss was about. Whilst watching the show, I was shocked with some of the comments that were said and the attitude that was perceived. I knew this was not the girl I met several years ago. Maria was sweet, caring and did not boast about her luxurious lifestyle. Spending several days together, I felt I got to know her very well. Since the show has aired, I have seen many horrible comments left on her social media page, and I knew it was time to give everyone another side to Maria DiGeronimo.

People could argue why did she go on the show if she didn’t want to face scrutiny? People have also been asking, why did she say certain comments such as ‘breastfeeding is illegal’? There are all these questions that point to DeGeronimo as an uneducated woman, but in fact, she has two degrees, and definitely doesn’t have anything on a silver platter.

Yes, I think there were some comments that sounded strange coming out of DeGeronimo’s mouth, but I don’t feel this is a true representation of her. We never saw an explanation of why she believed ‘breastfeeding is illegal’ and we never saw what her thoughts were about breastfeeding after she had her baby. How can we judge someone if we do not truly know them?

After the birth of her baby, there were many comments stating that she is a ‘bad mother’ and people would often say that they ‘felt sorry’ for her daughter. Continuously, Maria and her family received these comments, but the DeGeronimo’s have not let these accusations ruin their lives. Building a tough skin was something DiGeronimo needed to do, and even though so many comments about her and her family were hurtful and false, DeGeronimo stated, ‘clearing every single lie would take forever and is not worth the energy’.

Who are we to judge a woman that has been in a short ‘reality’ television show that in my perspective didn’t portray everything? When DiGeronimo became a mother, we did not see the hardship and issues she faced when it came to breastfeeding, postnatal depression and everything else new borns throw at you emotionally and physically.

‘As a mother, I do everything on my own and if I get upset over these things (social media and trolls) it will only affect my daughter’. In a nut shell who is Maria DeGeronimo? Her answer to me was ‘I am a mum. I am a strong mum’. With a big focus on her gorgeous daughter Velentina and her family, DiGeronimo is a strong woman not allowing judgement to take over her life.

No matter what people say, we are different women once we become mothers. Once we become mothers, our mind set changes and our views on life change. This is what we missed on the show. We didn’t connect with DiGeronimo and the other mums on another level. We needed the chance to learn with DeGeronimo and connect with her as a mother, but instead many only connected with her on a designer level. We needed to see something real, without the drama, without the labels and without the glamour. Maybe I am looking into this too much, but it is hurtful seeing a woman being ridiculed when she hasn’t had the chance to really be herself. We need to all ask ourselves before judging…Is reality television really reality?


Images Courtesy of Instagram @maria.digeronimo


5 thoughts on “Yummy Mummies Maria DiGeronimo – Who Am I To Judge?

  1. I could not agree more!! You are very on point!! Did anyone think that Maria was not only trying to learn how to be mother but how to be a star and she was trying to make the show more funny and interesting! Reality tv is ment to draw the audiences in witch is what Maria has done!! If you ask me she did her job as an actress and has become a beautiful mother and we have all made mistakes and NOONE IS PERFECT!!
    Maria’s lavish life style is just a privlige and a bonus it does not define who Maria is or the mother Maria is! In the show we don’t see anything but what producers want us to see!! Maria haters will always hate YOU ARE STRONG AND A GOOD MOTHER

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  2. She is cool a little over the top on herself but she us hilirious and just a kid herself never grew up she needs to get out and experience the world working she would be more funny when their is other people out there that are just as selfish as she is


  3. First of all the show it self is ridiculous no one gives a shit about what kind of car you drive or type of watch or designers you know, no one asks what brand is you shirt, It’s 2019 everyone needs to just focus on being a good person. No one gives a shit about brands no more.


  4. Tv only make it to get them ratings, I think that whole family is beautiful, if people are making horrible comments then their jealous, Her comment on breastfeeding is her comment an her opinion. She loves her child that’s all that should matter.


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