What to Expect when expecting: The Bachelor’s Sam Wood gives us an insight on pregnancy, fitness and becoming a dad

As the nation watched fitness trainer Sam Wood find his true love on The Bachelor, we continue to see the fairy tale unfold. Two years on, Wood and fiancé Snezana Markoski have announced that they are expecting their first child together. With the exciting announcement putting social media into a frenzy, I speak with Wood on all things babies, fitness and what to expect when expecting.

Congratulations on the exciting news! Did you think that at the beginning of filming The Bachelor that you would meet the girl of your dreams, get engaged and have a baby in a short period of time? 

Snez and I often say, it is as crazy as it sounds. Neither of us can believe it, but without doubt the best thing I’ve ever done.

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Although you are already a father figure to Eve, what are you looking forward to most about the arrival of the little bub? 

It’s so hard to say one thing. I just can’t wait to meet her and try and be the best Dad I can.

Three to become four! Sam with Snezana and her daughter Eve.

How do you stop putting on the extra kilos while Snezana is eating for two?

Haha. It certainly has been interesting watching the strange cravings that Snez has. To be honest, I have been pretty good, a few extra late night snacks perhaps, but focusing on supporting Snez as much as possible.

Are you doing any late night fast food runs? Has Snezana had any weird or wonderful cravings? 

It’s more a case of not knowing what she wants so needing to try 5 different things to see what satisfies her. Also – Uber Eats has been called on a few times.

I have seen on Instagram you are already mastering the Baby Bjorn. Any other baby products you have purchased? 

We are getting there with cot, car seat and high chair all ticked off. Plus her first little Nike Air Jordan’s of course.

With a successful fitness business, what fitness tips do you give to pregnant women?

I think it’s important that even with your focus shifting towards your child, you still need to take care of yourself. This obviously means to be smart about it and nothing high intensity. Staying healthy and strong will not only help during the pregnancy, but it is great for your baby and will help you bounce back faster too.


Do you find it easier or harder training pregnant women?

Probably easier. They tend to be very self-aware and know what they want and need. Once they trust you and understand that you have made all of the right movement and nutrition modifications that they need you can have a brilliant relationship and becomes a really important resource for them to lean on.

What are your tips for other dad-to-be’s in supporting their partners and preparing for a baby?

Well, it’s very new to me so I’m no expert. I guess I’d just say embrace the process and get involved. The more I immerse myself the better prepared I can be, and I can feel how it reassures and supports Snez.

Anything else you would like to add?

Just for the ladies to embrace this beautiful part of your life. Seeing the physical changes to Snez and how there are so many psychological and emotional consequences associated has given me a great insight. When I told Snez that she looks even more beautiful while pregnant and not to worry about changing shape has really helped her (but it is absolutely true). This is not something I said to make her feel better, giving birth is honestly the greatest gift and the most incredible part of life. It is quite hard for any man to understand or perhaps truly appreciate but the admiration and respect perhaps isn’t expressed enough but is certainly there.

Glowing! Embracing pregnancy and everything that comes with it.


Images courtesy of Instagram 

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