Making New Family Traditions This Father’s Day

With the busy lifestyles many of us live, we can easily forget to take the time out of our busy schedules to spend quality time with the people we love. In our family, we emphasise the importance of Christmas and Easter preparing several days in advance to make these special days memorable. Although we take the time to be together on these occasions, we tend to put less emphasis on other special dates throughout the year.

Father’s Day is one day of the year that does not get as much attention as it truly deserves. Taking the time to celebrate dads and father figures is extremely important as they play a big role in young people’s lives. When my husband became a dad, we made his first Father’s Day special with an outing to our favourite breakfast spot. Although it was very special day, Father’s Day should be like this every year. Hence, this year we are starting a new family tradition. We are very proud to be joining many other families in the YMCA Father’s Day Fun held at the Melbourne Tan.

Tom’s first Father’s Day

This year we are not only going to celebrate as a family but as a community. Along with bringing families together, the event is raising funds to safeguard young people against the onset of mental illness. Money raised will go to YMCA programs that build resilience and equip vulnerable young people with important social and emotional skills.

The YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run is special on so many levels. Whether people are deciding to complete the 5km or 10km course, it is not only getting people connected and active, but it is also raising money for a great cause. Besides running the course, there will be an opportunity to spend more quality time as a family with a one of a kind event village for kids, pram-wave, petting zoo, bubble soccer and many more fun activities. Proving to be the largest Father’s Day event in Melbourne, the day will be filled with endless activities the whole family will enjoy.

With my parents also participating in the fun run, we are all looking forward to creating a new family tradition that is different to what we usually do. Coming from a European background, we spend a lot of time cooking big feasts and being together at home, however this year we are excited to be doing something new and bonding as a family on another level.

Father’s day should always be about enjoyment and making memories as a family. As we value family, we look forward to making many more memories that will be cherished forever. I hope you and your family can join us in Melbourne’s newest Father’s Day event, allowing you to also take your family bonding to the next level. Click here register your family and celebrate all the wonderful things our dad’s and father figures do along with raising funds for a great cause!

Tom’s second day of daddy duties

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