Kids Storage Solutions to Suit Every Budget

Purchasing an old home definitely has its pros and cons. Although old homes ooze character and charm, many have smaller rooms, hence less storage.

Coming from a spacious home filled with storage galore, our new home has created a challenge to store all our household items. Although we renovated our home to conquer this issue, we are still faced with small rooms and storage problems.

Isaac’s bedroom is not only the smallest room in the house, it also has the least storage space. Finding alternative storage solutions for his toys and clothes that is not too bulky has been my top priority. In my search to find the best storage solutions for my child’s bedroom, I have found several great and creative ways that may be ideal for you.

Book Shelf

Book shelves are a very popular idea to avoid clutter in a small bedroom. Floating shelves and picture ledges are great options to store your child’s book collection.

Purchase this picture ledge from styledintimber on

Clothing Hooks

When it comes to my child’s clothing, I tend to find he has certain items that he wears throughout the season.  Clothing items including jackets and dressing gowns can take up a large amount of unnecessary cupboard space, hence, wall hooks can avoid clutter in the cupboard. With many fun designs available on the market, your choice of wall hooks to suit your child’s bedroom is endless. Going with a tribal theme in my son’s room, I found the perfect style on Four Walls Decor. Not only are they stylish, but they are also affordable, providing extra space to hang Isaac’s jackets and back packs.

Bed – Underneath and Bed Head Storage

Whoever thought of this idea is genius! No matter how small your room is, there will always be a place to store linen, toys and clothing. I never would have thought of bed head storage but IKEA definitely did. This is another great place to store books and other small bedroom items.


Seat Storage / Ottoman

Not only a great way to add storage space, ottomans are a great place to sit with your child and read books. As a popular storage solution, they come in many different colours and fabrics and can be purchased from many furniture stores.



Shelving is a simple yet practical way to create storage space. There are endless designs available, from wall hung to freestanding shelves. As this is a popular choice for many households, there will definitely be something available for your needs and budget. IKEA is your one stop shop for stylish and affordable storage solutions. However, if you do purchase from their store, keep in mind that you will need the time to assemble your items when you get home.

trofast-wall-storage IKEA.JPGchildrens storage unit.jpg

With many different storage solutions available on the market, I have been able to make my son’s room less cluttered. I hope your storage dilemmas are conquered just like mine!

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