There Is A First Time For Everything: Even Locking Your Keys In Your Car

Do you have those days where you feel something is going to go wrong? Well, today I had that feeling and today was that day something went horribly wrong – I locked my keys in my car! To make matters worse, I was at a shopping center…

It all started mid morning, with one hundred things on my mind, I knew my visit to the shops needed to be swift. Pram, snacks, water bottle, I was ready to face the shops with a toddler who does not enjoy staying in the pram for a long period of time. Once I got to the shops, the one thing I forgot to get out of the car was my toddler’s dummy. I was tempted to buy new dummy but I knew I had left one in the car so I went back to get it.

As I tried to open the car door using key less entry, it came to my realisation that the doors were not opening. I thought this was very strange. I tried again, still no luck. I went through my bag looking for the keys, they were nowhere to be found. I checked the pram and still no keys. Isaac was getting very agitated sitting in his pram crying for his dummy.


I contemplated for a few moments whether I left my keys in a shop, but I was pretty sure that I didn’t. With Isaac still crying for his dummy, I started to panic. I then thought to myself, ‘did I leave my keys in the car?’ I looked through the passenger window and lo and behold I could see them! The keys were so close, yet so far! For the first time ever, I locked my keys in the car!

The first thing I did was call my husband at work. As it was still morning, he was not impressed. He could not understand how I could lock the keys inside a brand new car. Being frustrated that he could not leave work, I was set the task to move to plan B.

pooh bear.jpg

When I purchased my car, I was provided a customer service number. I was told I could call at any time if I had any questions or issues with the car. I thought this was one of those moments I could call. After making the embarrassing phone call, my customer service consultant kindly organised roadside assistance to come and rescue me. Feeling disconcerted after the phone call and needing Road Side Assistance, I decided to call customer service back and cancel the call out.

I was back at square one. Do I now shop all day and wait for my husband to finish work to bring the spare key, or do I smash one of the windows? Not sure that the second option was a good idea, so I then decided to call my mum. I was certain she was working but thought I would call her anyway. By my surprise she had the day off.

With a sigh of relief, I was glad to know that this damsel in distress was about to be saved! Luckily she had a spare key to my home and located the spare key to my car.

Although the day was pretty much over and all my other plans were put on hold, I thought to myself it could have been much worse. Was this meant to happen so I could pass my story on to others, or was it meant to happen so I remember to take a chill pill and stop doing one hundred things at once?

Whatever the reason, I’m hoping I will never do this again!

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