Juice for the Whole Family – The Secret in Getting Your Children to Have More Fruit and Veg in Their Diet

Getting my toddler to eat all his vegetables can sometimes be a challenge. As he only loves certain fruits and veggies, I needed to find a way to get more goodness and nutrition into his body.

It was only when I was making a fresh juice for myself did I realise that this could be the answer I have been looking for. So, I grabbed a straw and asked if he wanted to have some juice. At my surprise, a sip turned into Isaac drinking the whole cup! Finally I found a way to get a whole lot of goodness into my little boy without forcing him.


There are endless options when making a tasty juice, however I believe that one of the most important ingredients to add is Kale. Fuelled with so many benefits including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, minerals, Calcium, Magnesium and so much more, this super food is great for the whole family.

If you need some inspiration, try my favourite recipe that we enjoy in the Mummy Plus One household:

  • 1x apple of your choice (my preference Granny Smith or Pink Lady)
  • 1x kiwi with skin on
  • 1x hand full of kale
  • 2cm piece of fresh ginger (peeled)
  • 4x strawberries
  • 1/3 pineapple chopped
  • 4x oranges juiced
  • 1x lemon juiced

Chop all ingredients and place them in a blender with the orange and lemon juice. Blend. If it is too thick after blending, add extra juice or water. This recipe will make about 700ml which will last several days.

Let me know what your favourite recipe is and I will definitely give it a go!

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