Baby Proofing 101: The Toddler Stage

As children find the confidence to walk, they become more and more curious exploring the home. These are the months and years that ‘toddler proofing’ your home is more important than ever. Below are few vital tips to make your home toddler friendly, helping you avoid a visit to your local GP or the hospital.

Kitchen Safety

The kitchen is one of the most common places spent by mums and dads on a daily basis. From making breakfast and dinners to storing many household supplies, the kitchen can be quite dangerous for your little ones.

Even though your child may understand more, it is still important to have child proof locks on doors that contain harmful products. Alternatively, place all your cleaning supplies in an overhead cupboard keeping them out of reach.

As your toddler continues to grow at a fast pace, you can easily forget that they may now be able to reach the bench and the top of your stove. It is imperative to remember they will be able to reach much more, hence, ensure that items such as knives and heavy crockery are not kept near the edge of the bench.

Pots on stove cook tops are another major hazard that can cause serious harm to your toddler. Keep all handles away from the edge of the stove and if possible, use the back burners to prevent any serious burns occurring to your child. Stove Top Safety Guards are great protective barrier to child proof your stove. Guards can be purchased from leading hardware stores or online.

Stove Top Guard by Dreambaby

Bathroom Safety

As your child becomes more mobile, they may decide to wander into areas of the home that you would not have thought. There have been several occasions where I have found my toddler playing in my bathroom. With not much storage in my small ensuite, my deodorants, makeup, perfumes and electrical items are kept in my vanity easily accessible to Isaac. I never thought about making my bathroom safe, however I have now realised that it is extremely important. Child proof locks are the best idea if you have minimal space. Another option is purchasing medicine cabinet or adding a shelf to store all those dangerous items nice and high.

General Home Safety

Curtain Blind Cords – Ensure they are safely fixed with a tension device securing them. As a major strangulation hazard, keep cots, highchairs, play pens and couches away from curtain cords as this will help avoid any serious accident.

blind cord fixings
Different blind cord fixings Image:

Button Batteries – Many toddler toys and household items including remote controls need batteries to operate. Ensure batteries are not left lying around as they are a common choking hazard. If they are in household items or toys ensure they are secured properly and not easily obtainable.


It can be so easy to be distracted and forget about making certain parts of your home safe for your child. In order to avoid missing any vital points, check out the Home Safety Checklist put together by Kidsafe, helping you make your home child friendly.

Many other important baby proofing tips can be found my previous post Baby Proofing 101 – Crawling and standing stage focusing on safety latches, safety gates, edge bumpers, stabilising furniture and much more.

We must always remember ‘Prevention Is Better Than Cure’.

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