Keeping it Real – Rozalia Russian on Fashion, Lifestyle and Motherhood

Fashion icon, super mum and Instagram queen are just a few words to describe one of the most recognisable women in Australia, Rozalia Russian. For many of us, she has been the go to girl for style and beauty tips, and even with two children she continues to share her great style regularly on our social media feeds.

As she continues to add to her resume, Rozalia is more than just a fashion icon. She is a great role model for young women possessing a ‘can do’ attitude and showing us that success is possible when putting in the hard work. With her infectious and friendly nature, and not to mention positive attitude, I commend her for continuously being ‘real’.

Taking time out of her busy schedule, Rozalia speaks to us about all things fashion, being a successful business woman and raising her two beautiful children, Willow and Kingston.

Firstly, congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous boy earlier this year. How has your routine changed from having one to two children?

Thank you, our life has definitely gotten a lot busier. Our daily routine has changed as we are now juggling two kids schedules and we rely a lot more on our families to help juggle the kinder runs and sleep /work routines. Willow has dropped her day sleep which is good because we only have to worry about Kingston’s sleeps now. If Willow was still napping during the day I feel like I would never leave the house!

Is it easier or tougher second time round?

I would say it’s easier because you know what you’re doing second time round. With Willow, I think it took me about 5 months to get her into a routine however second time round once Kingston was about three weeks old I had him in a newborn routine. Whilst the newborn phase is easier, having two kids is obviously tougher than one as it’s two times the work! Two kids to feed, bath, dress and just generally look after! Twice the work!

Have you seen a difference between baby girls and baby boys?

Apart from constantly getting wee’d on by Kingston, so far both children have been very similar as babies! I think maybe when Kingston gets older I’ll notice a difference in the way they play. Willow sits in one spot having a tea party with her teddies and I’ve heard boys just love to run and destroy things!

What is the best thing about motherhood?

As exhausting as it is what I love most is when the day is done and they are tucked up in bed and I can have a cuddle with them. We are so busy getting everything done during the day that you often forget to cherish the quite moments such as a cuddle in bed. When Willow lies there with her arms around my neck not wanting me to go is heaven to me!

What are your favourite brands for your children?

When it comes to dressing my kids, I love kids looking like little kids. So, for babies, soft colours and knits and girls looking like little girls! For Kingston (and when Willow was a baby) I love Purebaby. The range is just heaven! And the fabrics are just so soft on their delicate skin.

For Willow, I love Country Road and Seed. Their clothes just last wash after wash.


What is your favourite outfit to wear as a busy mum?

Ripped boyfriend jeans, runners, a cashmere knit and a leather jacket


What trends are you loving this winter?

I am absolutely loving velvet! Not only does it feel amazing on my skin it’s just so luxurious and looks chic.

How do you juggle looking after your children and being a working mother? Have you been able to take some time off?

After having Willow and heading back to work I knew I wanted to go back after Kingston was born too. As much as I love being at home with the kids, like any mum, I need some “me time” and for me that is going to work! After about three weeks of being home with a newborn I couldn’t wait to get out of my vomit/milk stained clothes and have a normal conversation. In saying that, I am really lucky I have help from my mum and my mother in law who come and look after the kids when I need to work.

As a successful entrepreneur, what advice do you give other entrepreneur mums?

Whatever business you want to get into you need to come up with a plan. Retail and the economy is pretty tough at the moment so whatever field you are wanting to get into I would recommend coming up with a short and long-term plan. What is it that you want to achieve? How are you going to achieve that? What is your end goal? Once you have a goal/ plan then break it down and work backwards to get to where you want to be.

What is your secret of success?

I think to be successful in any business you have to have a drive and be a hustler. No one is going to throw a bag of gold over your fence so you have to go out and hustle for the work. You also have to have a thick skin and be prepared for knock backs. I have had plenty of no’s but that just makes me even more determined.

What can we expect from Rozalia Russian for the next six months? New projects?

I have a few new projects lined up and some amazing new companies that I am partnering with. I am also focusing back onto my website and turning it more into a trend report with new articles posted three times a week.


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All images courtesy of Instagram @rozalia_russian

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