Selling, Moving, Buying & Organising a First Birthday

It’s been an eventful few months that have been extremely busy, exciting and simultaneously exhausting. Who would have thought that I would be organising a first birthday, selling my house, buying a new one and moving all at once! I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy, but thanks to the support and help from my family and friends, it has been possible.

Thankfully, before we decided to put our house on the market, I had already booked a venue for Isaac’s first birthday. Five weeks before the birthday we decided to put our house on the market. During the four-week campaign, I had to have my home in immaculate condition twice a week for open inspections. This was a struggle with a baby, but my husband and I found a way to work around my little toddler and keep the house as tidy as possible when needed.

image18 (1).jpg
Our home we are selling

It was a stressful time as we didn’t know whether there would be interest and whether our house would sell. However, come auction day we had a huge turn out and six parties wanted to purchase our home. We sold at auction! We were relieved but the next question was ‘would we find a home in the area we like at a reasonable price?’ We knew in the interim we would live with my parents, but having a child and moving everything into storage and not having a home was a stressful feeling.

So our next step was to get through Isaac’s birthday party and find a home. During the week of his party, I spent hours making his birthday cake, and spent hours looking on to find our next home! My head was everywhere. I was excited yet consumed with birthday stuff and house searching. Sleep deprivation was high, but the adrenaline kept me going.

This cake took me 3 days but happy with the result!!

The day before Isaac’s party we put in offer on a home I really loved, however it wasn’t without a fight with another couple wanting it too! Each interested party put in an offer, however we wouldn’t know who would get the home for 48 hours. After we did this, I had no choice but to put the home at the back of my mind and focus on organising the final things for Isaac’s party which was happening the next day. Frantically doing last minute stuff, it had been a full on week.

On the day of the party, it was go, go, go. It was a successful day but it was hectic. You never sit down when you host a party and you don’t even get a chance to relax, but it is all worth it when your guests are having a good time. It was a long day and a long week.

Isaac enjoying his birthday cake
Family photo!

The weekend was now gone, we had a sold our home and Isaac’s first party was done! Now it was time to start packing our life in boxes and wait to hear whether we had purchased a home. Fives days later Tom and I found ourselves signing a contract. We had purchased our new home!

So while I sit in bed, I only have 2 more days in my first house my husband and I made a home with our little baby boy Isaac. I still have many boxes to pack and many other things to do, however it has been manageable even with a one-year-old keeping me on my toes.

Maybe the timing of everything wasn’t the best, but what I have realised is that you cannot plan everything that happens in life. Since having Isaac I have learnt to ride the storm and take everything as it comes. I am very excited to start a new chapter and to make new memories in our new home.


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