Baby Proofing 101- Crawling and Standing Stage


Baby proofing my home was high on my agenda once my little man began crawling all around the home and standing on everything in sight. As he becomes more and more curious everyday, I have had to ensure that my home was baby proof.

With a mummy’s busy life style it is so easy to forget the simple rules in making your home safe for your baby. Below I have put together a list of some of the most important ways to baby proof your home at the crawling and standing stage.

Safety latches on all accessible doors

I could not believe how quickly Isaac learned how to open the cupboard doors. One day he had no idea and then the next I found him taking the pots out! Don’t be like me and wait until your baby knows how to open doors to secure them. This can lead to certain disasters including getting into the poisons cupboard.

There are a great range of adhesive cupboard locks that are versatile for cupboards and drawers. Conversely, if you do not have them when needed, you could always use elastic bands or a piece of string to tie doors together.

One of the many popular safety locks for your cupboards

Keep poisons and sharp objects in unreachable cupboards

I am guilty of keeping my detergents and cleaning products under my kitchen and laundry sink. Isaac has learnt to take lids off bottles and containers so I have had to quickly shift all dangerous and poisonous goods on to higher shelving.

Cover unused electrical outlets

At the crawling stage, many electrical outlets will be in their sight! Purchase safety caps to ensure they do not harm them self in any way.

Outlet Plug Protectors

Toilet locks

You may not think the toilet would be a hazard, but you will be surprised. When children start standing, your toddler may be curious about the toilet!! Babies can easily lean in and fall into the toilet bowl, which can result in drowning. Avoid this by purchasing toilet locks.

Safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases

This is pretty self-explanatory. Little toddlers are extremely curious and will love to explore the staircase. Don’t wait until they discover how to climb the stairs, get on top of it to avoid any unexpected tumbles.

image courtesy of

Edge bumpers

Coffee tables, entertainment units and dining tables are the prime suspects of toddlers bumping their heads. Make sure all edges and sharp corners are targeted and cushioned with corner guards.

Ensure furniture is stable to prevent furniture from tipping

When babies begin to pull themselves up on to furniture, it can easily fall if it is not secure. Secure your entertainment units, bookshelves and other hazards with brackets and anchors. Put heavier items in bottom drawers and shelves, which will also avoid them from tipping.

There are so many ways to child proof your home but your home can never be 100% safe. On top of all these ways to child proof your home, the best way to ensure there is no chance of injury is to supervise your children at all times.


3 thoughts on “Baby Proofing 101- Crawling and Standing Stage

  1. I have plug socket covers and a baby gate ready to go up. I also have cupboard locks, but feel as though I need some slightly better ones. I’ll definitely add a toilet lock to my list.


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