Baby Sleeping Bags

Does your baby hate being wrapped during the night? Does your baby kick the blankets off whilst they are sleeping? If so, it is time to consider using a sleeping bag. Not only are they great to keep your baby warm, but it also can help reduce the risk of sids (sudden infant death syndrome).

I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of the sleeping bag but since my little boy moved into his cot in his own room, it was the best decision I made. It gave me a sense of security, knowing he would be covered all night and not to mention safe from the possibility of suffocation.

When purchasing a sleeping bag for your bub, there are several things to consider. Along with the different styles of sleeping bags available, you must consider the size and thickness of each bag. The room temperature of your baby’s nursery is the key to purchasing the right sleeping bag, ensuring they do not over heat. Sleeping bags are measured in TOG. The following guide will help you work out which TOG is right for your baby in certain room temperatures:

24 degrees Celsius or more – 0.5 tog

21 – 23 degrees Celsius – 1 tog

18 – 20 degrees Celsius – 2.5 tog

16 – 17 degrees Celsius – 2.5 tog and 1 blanket



You must also consider the age of your baby when choosing the right sleeping bag. If it is too big, your baby may fall into the sack, which may cause suffocation. Ensuring it fits correctly around their neck will avoid this and keep them safe while sleeping. Do not choose a sleeping bag that will last longer, purchase one depending on their age and size.

Due to their growing popularity, there are many brands and designs available on the market. Some of my favourites come from the Plum and Pure Baby range. From muslin material to cotton fabrics, your choices are endless depending on what your baby feels comfortable in. Sleeping bags can be quite expensive, however it is an investment that will allow your baby to feel secure and safe at all times. Find your baby’s perfect sleeping bag at leading baby retailers or online.

When your baby has a good sleep, it will mean you will too! I sure do!


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