Back To Work After Having A Baby

There will be a time where many mums have to go back to work. Some will find this decision a very difficult one, as they may feel guilty leaving their children in the care of others. However, many mothers do not have the choice to stay at home. Coming to the realisation can be difficult, but it is important to remember there are many mums that go back to work, and I am one of them.

Mothers have the right to feel comfortable in whatever decision they make and should not be judged for their decisions. Although, a mother may feel like they are missing out on special milestones due to their work commitments, there are many benefits of going back to work after having children. Adult interaction is one of the positive aspects of going back to work. When spending all day with children, it is vital to communicate with adults and interact with those that can give you a break from the mummy world.

Many mums can suffer postnatal depression and anxiety staying at home as a full time mum. In turn, working can be a release from the everyday duties of caring for your little one and being a housewife. Having a release can make motherhood a more positive experience as you make the most of being a mum when you are not working.

If you feel hesitant going back to work, have a chat with your employer about your worries and concerns. Discuss everything with your employer and communicate your feelings to ensure they understand. Starting with fewer hours when you begin working is a great way to ease into the workforce and will also help you and your baby adjust to the new routine. If you are continuing to breastfeed, make sure they know you will need to take time throughout the day to express. Having a good relationship with your employer will ensure the transition is much easier for you and your little one.

There may be days that you feel that you cannot manage and you want to quit. This is extremely normal and as a mummy that has gone back to work I definitely felt these emotions. Whatever choice you make and work arrangements you decide to choose, it is important you feel comfortable in your decision. No one should ever judge the choices you make. Make the choices that suit you, your lifestyle and your baby.

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