The Day I Cried Over Spilt Milk

‘Nooooooo’ I screamed while my freshly expressed milk spilt right in front of me. It was like a scene in a movie, happening in slow motion right in front of my eyes. Many would say that it’s not worth crying over spilt milk, but let me tell you the tears were rolling down. I didn’t expect to be so upset about it, but I could not help myself, I was a mess (mentally and literally).

For me, expressing milk is important as I use it in many aspects of my baby’s life. I add it to his morning cereal/porridge, plus any other food I need to make softer. I use it when I have to go to work and I am not around to breast feed my child and I also like to keep extra stored away in my freezer for any other emergencies we may encounter. Since the moment I began expressing milk eight months ago, this is the first time I have been so clumsy and spilt a whole feed. It was a horrible feeling. It may not be the end of the world, but momentarily in my world every drop counts.

Expressing milk can be a difficult task to get right. Finding the right time that will not interfere with your baby’s feeding can be a challenge in itself. Then you need to factor in the amount that you produce and express. This may not be as much as you would need for a feed so every little bit of milk is treated like gold. When I express in the morning, I get much more than what I would in the afternoon. Unfortunately the morning may not always be the ideal time to take time out and express.

The lesson I learnt from this experience is to ensure that my bench is not cluttered, I am not distracted and the bottle of milk is not close to the end of the bench. All these things were factors in my moment of weakness and is not a moment that I would like to relive. I enjoy breastfeeding, but there are times I cannot be with my child to feed him, so the next best thing is my milk in a bottle.

I am not afraid to admit that I cried over spilt milk. For any other mothers out there that have encountered this, we stand together. Keep doing what you are doing, because spilling milk does not define you – you are superwoman in more way than one!

spilt milk

spilt mjilk2

(images courtesy of someecards)

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