Remedies To Avoid Mummies Getting Sick

As mums, we do not have time to be sick. Leading our busy lifestyles, which include juggling motherhood, there is no time to be burdened by illness. With a few simple steps and choices we make in our everyday lives, we can ensure that we are full of energy and prevent any possibility of getting sick.

Super Smoothie

Thanks to the ongoing trend of the Nutri Bullet and other bullet blenders, we can make any juice we want in the comfort of our own home. One of my go to super smoothies includes a combination of ginger, orange, pineapple and kiwi. This combination gives me the energy boost and the immunity needed to keep any nasty bugs away. Each item in my juice plays an integral role, keeping me full of energy and boosted with the nutrients needed in my busy lifestyle.

fruitsGinger – Has many great properties including antibacterial and antiviral along with numerous antioxidants

Kiwi Fruit – When adding kiwi to my juice, I always keep the skin on as it helps improve digestion and is a great source of fiber

Orange – Not only is this a good source of vitamin C, oranges are great to help fight infections

Pineapple – Although it is a great immune booster, pineapple is also known to help maintain beautiful skin and great for eyesight

There are so many other wonderful ingredients you can add to your super smoothie including vegetables such as carrots and kale and fruits including berries and apples. This will allow you to mix up your flavours and allow you to have a variety of fruits and vegetables vital for your diet.

Having a smoothie on a regular basis will ensure you have your daily needs of fruit and vegetables. It is also a great on the go snack for all those busy mums out there.


Exercise has many health benefits that will help any mother keep fit and ready for the challenges of being on the go. This is a great way to boost your energy. Whether you like to go to the gym or go for a walk, you only need 20 minutes a day to get you ready for what the day will bring. If you find that you do not have time to fit exercise in to your lifestyle, try and take the stairs instead of lifts and park further away from your destination.


The best way to get all the vitamins you need is eating a healthy and varied diet, however this can be difficult for busy mums on the go. Many mums forget about themselves and put the needs of their children and family first to ensure they are healthy.

Vitamin supplements are a great way to ensure you get all the essential nutrients you need to keep all those viruses away. Multi vitamins are great to get a variety of nutritional needs that are necessary in a busy lifestyle. As a breastfeeding mother, I choose to take Elevit a multivitamin that helps meet the nutritional needs to help me cope with the extra demands of breastfeeding.


We cannot operate without enough rest and sleep. As mothers, we need heaps of energy to meet the requirements of our busy lifestyle. Enough rest and sleep will help refuel the body physically and mentally. Sleep deficiency may raise the risk of health problems and can affect how well you react, think and work throughout the day.

Your immune system relies on sleep to stay healthy and defend your body against viruses and harmful diseases that will affect your day-to-day routine. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep and rest.

These are just a few great ways to help prevent any on the go mum getting sick and run down. Looking after yourself is the key in order to look after your family.


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